Hearing Loss – Can It Effect You

Deafness is the result of the gradual degeneration of one’s audio senses and is a growing concern among people in the west. Without adequate preventative measures, over time one’s ability to hear can be reduced to such a degree that deafness will ensue. Hearing loss was once a major concern among the elderly but is now becoming a condition which effects a large number of young people as well.

Degeneration of the audio senses can be caused by many different factors. Medical professions group these factors into two distinct groups of causes. One group focuses on the conductive causes of hearing loss which are a result of physical trauma causing damage to the inner ear or blockage.

Sensorineural factors are ones which are related to the nerves and the fine hairs within our ear which are crucial for the reception of sound. Any factor which can harm these two things would be considered a sensorineural factor. Sensorineural factors are difficult to cure as nerve damage is often times final. There is no known cure for deafness also so knowing how to prevent this type of damage is important.

Conductive factors are physical ones. Something as simple as your ears being clogged by a finger would be considered a conductive factor contributing to a patients loss of their ability to hear. Removing your finger from your ear, in this case, would be the solution to your problem. Of course, there are more severe conductive factors which can impair ones ability to hear and which can lead to inevitable deafness. A major factor being the fracturing of the skull of infection.

Infection can lead in inflammation in or around the ear and this can prove damaging. Chronic exposure to loud music may also damage one’s hearing as well. If your ears are damaged in this way a good indication is ringing in your ears. Nerve damage can be caused also by a conductive condition that has grown out of hand thus preventative medicine is ever more important.

Nerve damage is the leading cause of sensorineural loss of ones ability to hear and this can be caused my many different factors ranging from illegal drug use to traumatic experiences which can result in damage to the integrity of the inner ear. If the ear is damaged then it is difficult for nerves to do their work. Think of it like an antenna falling into disrepair, no longer able to send out radio frequencies.

Deep sea divers are vulnerable to audio damage as well, as the high pressure of the deep sea can cause physical harm to one’s ears. Chronic exposure to the elements can be costly. As well, loud music is known to cause damage over time so chronic listening to decibels above safe frequency can be potentially dangerous as well.

More and more each day people in the west are becoming more susceptible to loss of their ability to hear making hearing loss a growing problem. The increase of cases pertaining to the degeneration of ones hearing have increased exponentially in recent years in the west. This is likely the result of loud music and noise pollution.

With a growing number of cases comes a growing concern. Deafness is still not fully curable, but medical professionals focus heavily on this problem as it is a popular area of concern. In the future, perhaps with the use of stem cell research, deafness can finally be cured flat out.

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