Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

Be My Friend – Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie 11 simple changes you can make to your diet and life style to loss weight and improve your Health. Some simply nutrition changes can make a big difference.

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  1. HowIBurnedMyFat says:

    Thanks Natalie I watch your vids all the time, even when I used to be fat.

  2. FopHunter7 says:

    If you put the ‘just dried’ fruits, say ‘just dried apples’ into oatmeal, linking it to your healthy breakfast video, and the other things you listed about putting into oatmeal, would that be a good thing?

  3. BaileyLush says:

    Lmao, who the hell gave this guy a thumbs down? Humor is good.

  4. maverickfan12 says:

    she probably just had a mcdouble right before she filmed this

  5. yeah these vids are gr8 this is my 4th one. never heard of her until today, found a link on youtube after watching y&r! go figure, lol

  6. haisamiqbal71 says:

    Excellent video and as someone said you are so cute!

  7. SILTOF1LTO says:

    You’re beautiful

  8. Stoose860 says:

    Thanks for your help. I like your videos. They really help. Ps, looking cute in this video Ms. Natalie

  9. aliceacademy8 says:

    lol xD but i’m pretty sure she said “they’re not gonna have nitrates or nitrites in em” (you probably know that’s two different kinds of chemicals)

  10. I’d eat YOU!

  11. nurshafeeqanadia says:

    I really loves this tips!!!

  12. mecurlygirly says:

    Right on sister! Great information and delivered so well. I really appreciate your ending comments.

  13. Brains + Beauty = daaaaaamm……..
    you would make a wonderful mom/rolemodel. (you mentioned a husband in one of your videos.) Thanks for your insightful videos. I actually used one of your videos to convince my mother to stop drinking softdrinks, needless to say, it didn’t work. Oh well, takes more time for some people wake up and care for their bodies. Regardless, wishing you good health and happy living Natalie. 🙂

  14. cheerleader4lyfe235 says:

    an owl?

  15. IK23lEtYoUrMiNdFrEe says:

    finding a different way to work hahaha thats when you know you have a problem

  16. superchick2connaught says:

    It’s got no nitrates, or nitrates. wtf Natalie, wtf?

  17. whatdeyecallher says:

    oh my god so did I?!

  18. christeggs says:

    jesus she’s beautiful.

  19. ErraticAnnihilation says:


  20. SwishClavin says:

    One Of Your’e Best! ( My Opinion )

  21. paperbleble says:

    lmfao you’re hilarious. hahahaha

  22. paperbleble says:

    LOL omg..

  23. Thats a good question.

  24. liberalelephant says:

    it is completely different. eating 2000 calories of veggies will cause your body to burn fat, but the chocolate will cause you to store it

  25. good vid, good looking girl… 😉

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