Healthy Eating on Vacation

It can be very tempting to abandon your good sense of healthy eating on vacation. Although you may strive for healthy eating, it’s easy to drift off and grab an ice cream cone here and there. There are however, ways to watch what you eat on vacation.

When you’re on a plane, you can simply ask for foods that are indicated for vegetarians or those that are low in fat. However, this is not that simple if you prefer driving.

Rather than simply relying on greasy foods for nutrition, pack some nutritious foods in a cooler full of ice packs. Fruits and vegetables, crackers, yogurt, and sandwiches are all great to have with you on the road.

Once you arrive at your hotel, you should do yourself a favor and turn the minibar key down – as this helps to avoid the temptation. If your hotel offers a continental breakfast, stick to fruits, cereals, and proteins. If your hotel has a stove or microwave, consider bringing your own healthy food with you.

If you prefer to eat outside, be cautious if the restaurant serves heavy meals. Whatever daily calorie requirement that you have, it is important that you still stick to it wherever you are.

If you can’t handle three large meals per day, try to go for small frequent feedings like five or six small meals. However, it is still important that no meal should be skipped.

When you are about to sleep, eating large meals is a no-no since sleeping will slow down your body’s metabolism as well as your body’s ability to burn calories. Bread and butter should never be consumed. Instead, opt for poultry or fish with veggies as your side dish.

Although it sounds cynical, healthy eating while taking a vacation is really a walk in the park. You just have to be responsible enough in going for healthy foods and avoiding those that contain unhealthy substances.

When going on a vacation, it isn’t really a blunder if you try to eat ice cream or pizza. Nonetheless, you should still have enough willpower to resist them once you are craving for more.

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