Health Benefits And Pain Relief From Magnetic Therapy

Are there verifiable health benefits and pain relief from magnetic therapy? Is the belief that wearing, sleeping on, walking on, or lying between magnets mere wishful thinking, or does the presence of a strong magnetic field have therapeutic effects on the human body? Large numbers of men and women have discovered pain relief from magnetic solutions, like magnetic therapy braces and supports. and a number of other unique remedies.

There is historical basis for thinking that magnetism can be helpful in the treatment of disease. Thousands of years ago, Chinese practitioners included using magnets in their effort to achieve or restore health and balance. The flow of energy, closely related to the flow of blood and other body fluids, has been the foundation of traditional Chinese health and wellness.

Magnets increase the blood circulation overall or in precise areas of the body, depending on how they are arranged and applied to the skin. Blood contains iron and other minerals, so it makes sense that blood will flow toward a magnet. This faster circulation speeds healing by getting more oxygen to the cells, supplying nutrients faster and removing metabolic wastes more efficiently. Many diseases, conditions, inflammations, and infections will heal or improve when there is more oxygen available at the cellular level.

Blood can be too acidic, especially these days when meat and dairy are plentiful, soda pop and sugar are part of the daily diet. And pollution causes even our water to be unnaturally acidic. Restoring it to a neutral or slightly alkaline state is known to be important for health and healing. If you suffer from acid reflux, bad breath or smelly feet, if you gain weight easily and lose it hard, you may be living with acid blood. There are many ways to combat excess acidity, and magnets have been shown to be one of the most effective.

Searching the science and the medical research, you can find results saying that magnetic therapy is a myth. However, more studies reveal positive results, even if the curative process is not understood. Dr. Weintraub set out to disprove the therapeutic value of magnetic insoles for shoes; at least in the case of the ones he studied, he became convinced of their benefits for diabetics needing better circulation to their feet.

However, magnetic therapy is also used in conventional medicine. An MRI is a procedure all insurance policies cover; the technical name for it is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Broken bones are healed faster with magnets, and torn muscles and tendons are known to benefit from a magnetic field.

When mice are raised in experimental conditions that shield them from the earth’s magnetism, they develop unnaturally, lose their fur after reaching maturity, and eventually die. It is known that insects get more energy from the magnetic field than they do from food. Astronauts venturing into space show negative effects of being separated from their native magnetic field, so now NASA sends magnets up into space with them. Put this information together with testimonials of healthier hair and nails, more energy, and denser bones when magnets are worn, and draw your own conclusions.

Most scientists agree that the earth’s magnetic field is decaying, with recorded measurements showing a steady, small decline over the last 100 years. Japanese doctors think that people can actually experience magnetic deficiency, which magnet therapy can fix. Doctors in the west have scoffed first and then come to believe. Certain areas of the world are known for having stronger than usual magnetism; Lourdes is one of these, where the miraculous cures have been documented and proved, and pilgrims go to bathe in the waters, and claim to feel relief from many ailments.

Maybe we all should be wearing magnetic jewelry, shoes, and braces on our aching backs and knees. Maybe the secret to a good night’s sleep and abundant energy really is hidden in a magnetic mattress pad. Health benefits and pain relief from magnetic therapy may be as real as its supporters claim. It is fascinating to read about and easy to try.

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