HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List – Some Important Questions And Answers

You must have read a lot about HCG weight reduction food items. Many individuals have selected these low calorie foodstuffs to shed the extra calories present in their body parts. If you’ve already started the HCG diet program and, you have cleared the initial 2 steps of the HCG VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), it is the right time to begin with HCD diet phase three. Plenty of folks are curious about HCG diet phase 3 food list so, I’ve stated some essential details on this topic.

Brief Summary of HCG diet phase 3 food list:

According to the directions outlined in these diet books, in the first three weeks of your 3rd diet phase, make an attempt to avoid eatables comprising of sugar and starch. You should go for foodstuffs that are rich in proteins such as meat, hot wings, eggs, low calorie vegetables and fruits, cottage cheese, walnuts, nut plus green salad. You may also consume low-calorie dressings such as Ranch dressing and Blue Cheese.

In the subsequent three weeks, start incorporating sugar and starch rich items to your meals, eventually. You may consume whole wheat bread, starchier foods and fresh vegetables. This will make your system adapt to the adjustments in eating patterns.

Lastly, incorporate different types of food stuffs, especially dairy products like yogurt, different types of cheese, peanut butter, milk, low calorie cereal products like oat meal, Kashi, fibre-rich products and your favorite sugar and starch foodstuffs. Nevertheless ensure that you eat modest portions. Take sufficient time to adapt yourself. Hence, this was information about your HCG diet phase 3 food list.

Now, I have mentioned some common HCG diet questions that are frequently asked by the consumers.

1) Can we omit Diet phase 1?

Yes, Phase 2 is of more importance that Phase 1. Thus, you can omit it in case you feel that it is unnecessary.

2) Can I go for HCG diet plan while I’m pregnant?

Strictly NO! Just in case you’re expecting or nursing, you must not opt for any kind of diet plan. As soon as you have finished breast-feeding your infant, talk to your doctor and an expert dietician first. Go on a diet plan, only when it is advised by the professionals.

3) Exactly how much weight can I reduce with the help of this HCG plan? Is it good for me?

The HCG diet plan is effective and secure in the case of both males and ladies. Girls lose around 1 lb everyday and, men however, can shed approximately one and a half lbs daily.

For other such HCG diet questions and answers, you can browse through various online websites.

You must have heard a lot about HCG weight loss products. Several people have opted for these low calorie products in order to lose the extra calories present in their body. If you want more information on HCG diet phase 3 food list and HCG diet questions please visit our website.

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