Having Private Health Insurance

The Con-Dem coalition government was able to make a number of sweeping statements especially when we talk about the health service in the UK. However, the NHS is not immune to cuts.Due to this scenario, there have been a lot of concerns made by patients since they do a lot of understanding especially when it comes to their diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

This leaves a great impact for the money that is left for the other services. Health insurance providers in the UK are now doing their part in reaching out to people through providing them a wide range of cover and at the same time offering them a wide variety of private health insurance. All these health insurance are designed to answer people’s fear in health problems and especially make it easier for the majority to have the best treatments and as much as possible fast and convenient.

It shows that the cost of a health insurance has been rising all the time, and this is the major cause of its flaw. The age and the personal lifestyle of a person can be a basis for the premiums that he has to pay to the insurance each month. In a certain insurance coverage for a person, the price may vary according to the age, like when a person is young and under the age of 20s, a monthly premium of 10 has to be paid a month but for the aged 50s and above, over 100 will be paid for the monthly premiums.

Health insurers in the UK have been very aggressive of devising different plans that will answer to the different range of needs of the people. For example., the WPA release their Top-Up Plan for the NHS which pays for extras such as optical and dental care, extra consultations and some advanced cancer drugs. The same plans are being offered by other providers around like the Simplyhealth. This health insurer offer cash benefits for day surgery, overnight stays and certain alternative treatments including acupuncture and physiotherapy. Aside from the cash benefits, a registered practitioner is made available to the insurance policy holder.

Another example of a provider is the Aviva and AXA PPP. They offer a six week plan which really helps reduce the total cost. This plan only starts to shoulder the expense only after the waiting for a particular treatment has reached the end of the six week.

The sophisticated treatment done through robotic surgery and mare keyhole procedures proves that the NHS in the UK lives its goal of giving quality service to its patients.This procedure truly saved lives of a lot of people and have reduced trauma in most cases. But the disadvantage of this is that is incurs a lot of costs and have proved to have used in excess of the allocated budget.

By May 2011, Research in the King’s fund charity shows that the waiting times in UK will be higher to their longest levels in just a matter of three years. While at the same time, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley played not to be aware of the idea of waiting time targets and simply ignored it.In order that the current system will not stop and continue to serve, there must be a savings of 20 billion to be made by the NHS by 2014.

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