Having Conversations With Jesus Would Not Fit Into Peoples Plans For Their Lives

Jesus, while he walked the earth, had a large drawing among the people. Some followed him wherever he went and listened to him raptly. Those that were able to get close enough were able to have conversations with Jesus and what they learned could be used today. This information has been, largely, ignored in this modern world and studying his word has taken a back seat to other things.

A world of politics legislate against the words that Jesus has given us. If this was studied with the same seriousness as some of this legislation we would have a better society. It has been captured and available for all and there is no real need for a person to person conversation which is not possible anyway.

War would be the subject of one of those conversations. One of the things that our Savior would comment on is that all things that are done should go toward improving our society. This would be based on what is the greatest benefit to people, generally. The discussion would not center around religious differences, however, as that is only a smoke screen for what is happening in places like the middle east, where he came from.

A famous phrase of his about peace makers being blessed is well known but misunderstood. He encouraged his followers to take up their swords and follow him. He did not encourage senseless violence and was the first to administer first aid to his enemies even as they were arresting him. Gun control would not be on his list of things to have done to people.

A very interesting discussion of abortion will be high on many peoples agendas for Jesus. They would attempt to bring up the conditions of today and suggest they are better at fashioning a policy than he is. He would remind them that he knew each and every person while they were still in the womb and that has not changed.

There are a lot of people who have been under the impression that if they had the chance they would really give it to Jesus about all this stuff he has said. They are not aware of the fact that the nature of men and women, down through all of the ages, has not changed and he has seen it all. They could no more give a lecture to the Son of God than they could change the way the earth revolves around the sun.

The people of Bible times have had their lives turned around by the discussions they have had with him. People, today, can have the same life transforming experiences if they see and read those same talks. Having the time to think about all that was said and what is being said now will give everyone a chance to rethink and recommit to the right line of reasoning.

Having any number of conversations with Jesus would, they believe, not be in the best interests of most people. The things they believe are right and morale will fall very short of what he left for us in the Bible. His tolerance, religious teachings and unconditional love would not fit in with most peoples lives and they would know it immediately.

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