Harmful Substances in Cosmetics

Are you using cosmetic products that are 100% made from natural ingredients? If not, you should read the following article. Other than the 100% natural cosmetics, numerous chemicals are contained in cosmetic and skincare products. Some of these chemicals are known poisons to our health. There may not be immediate side effects from such chemicals. But, your health may be affected after a long period of application. These side effects can be as small as allergies or can be as serious as cancers.

Alcohol is a common solvent in facial toners, fragrances as well as many other cosmetic products. Generally, alcohol is safe to be used as solvent and it does not harm our skin and health if the concentration is not high. But, if the concentration is high, it may take away skin moisture and damage natural sebum leaving our skin dry and sensitive. In fact, suitable amount of alcohol is good for oily skin as it help remove dead skin and minimize pores. But, for those having dry and sensitive skin, you are recommended to choose products without alcohol.

Skin peeling with BHA and Salicylic acid is common for those wish to remove their acne scars. The concentration of BHA and Salicylic acid used in skin peeling is high and that should only be done by doctors. Some cosmetic products may also include BHA and Salicylic acid as their ingredients for a gentle exfoliating effect. But, it may not be a good idea to exfoliate your skin every day as skin cells renew once every 28 days. Over exfoliating with BHA and Salicylic acid may lead to skin itch, stinging, allergies and redness.

In the United States, the use of mercury in cosmetic products is illegal and banned. But mercury can be found in some low quality imported cosmetic products (for example from those from China). Manufacturers add mercury to cosmetic products to enhance their whitening power. But, mercury is extremely poisonous to human bodies. Once mercury gets into our bodies, our kidney, liver and spleen will be seriously affected.

Zinc compound is often used in cosmetic and skincare products. These Zinc compound may contain Cadmium. In order to be safe, cosmetic and skincare products should not contain more than 40mg of Cadmium per kilogram. In fact, the poisoning power of Cadmium is limited, but the poisoning power of Cadmium compounds is much stronger. Such compounds may lead to damages of heart, liver, kidney, lung and bones.

Finally, it you have your hair colored a lot, you may need to pay attention. As these hair coloring products may contain lead. If the lead amount exceeds 0.6%, serious side effect may be resulted. These serious side effects include damages to blood system, nerve system, kidney, stomach, reproductive system and immune system. In addition, lead is extremely poisonous to fetus and therefore pregnant women should always avoid hair coloring.

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