Hard To Blog?

What is your belief? Is it easy or hard to blog?

You signed up (or maybe thinking about doing it) for this journey. Anytime you set out to learn a new skill or make a dramatic shift in your life you must encounter some challenge or bumps in the road. Right?

To live the life of your dreams is it hard?

Always I hear from people that step into their journey some fear. Specifically how hard it is to use the platform or drive traffic or how it is hard to blog.

I think if would be weird if it were any other way.

Your freedom, your business, your passion, your dreams that is what life is about.

So let’s not confuse HARD with IMPOSSIBLE.

These are two very different things.

It is NOT impossible. It is VERY possible. You must do the work! You do not get to what you dream by vidion alone.

I do not consider myself a writer. I take a long time to even come up with a concept for a blog. When I sit down to write a post it is hard for me. It is NOT impossible. Then to do the SEO research and find the right keyword. Ugh. In my mind it is hard to blog.

What is happening in my mind? That slippery place that I try to stay out of. The voice I hear is “It is hard to blog, you are not a writer, you sucked at English in high school.” Hmmmmmm………. If I stayed in that bad neighborhood of my mind I would believe in the word impossible.

It’s what you do in those hard moments that determines the outcome.

Do you buckle down or do you keep going? Do you give up or do you double your efforts?

Learn to embrace the challenge as a normal part of life and accept the setbacks – learn the lessons and don’t give up.

This is the path of miracles.

So, is it hard to blog? Only in our mind!

A long time ago I was on a trip and met a local interesting character. We had a chat and he looked right at me and said, “There ain’t no seatbelt for the mind.” I have never forgotten that. It instantly became a motto for my life. Over the years that saying has transformed for me. Really think about it. I love that a chance meeting has had such a profound impact on my life.

My vision is bigger than any so called perceived obstacle or challenge. It is bigger than learning a new skill set. It is bigger than overcoming my limited beliefs. It is bigger than writing a blog post. So is yours!

You can achieve what ever your believe. Your vision is just on the other side of “hard to blog” . Let’s turn the IMPOSSIBLE into I’M POSSIBLE.

So, is it hard to blog? Well, there ain’t no seatbelt for the mind.

Here’s to your blogging success!

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