Hand-Held Navigation Systems

It appears that all new trucks and cars have an auto navigation system these days. However, there are several different varieties of auto navigation system, so if you want one as well, you have to know which set-up is best for you. There are stand alone, factory installed systems, units that are added to a car later, portable systems and hand-held units.

Some of these set-ups offer more functionality than others, but you have to be cagey of an auto navigation system that offers features that you will never use. These devices are usually for the geeks. That does not mean that others can not use them, but they may be bewildering for the average driver.

If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive, yet versatile auto navigation system, then the hand-held or laptop models are probably for you. Hand-held auto navigation system can be used for other purposes of course, you can take it hiking, cycling or yachting. In this manner, an active person can get a great deal more value from a GPS sat nav system.

Some people simply cannot bear to think that they are lost and vulnerable, especially if they have children with them. This is a rather irrational fear, but still a fear that people have nevertheless. Having a hand-held auto navigation system can remove this dread even if your car has broken down or run out of gasoline and you have to walk to the nearest garage.

Some hand-held auto navigation systems even have a facility for making an emergency phone call to the nearest garage, although this call probably goes to the garage that bid the most money for that privilege a bit like the way that Google premium advertising slots work. Still, it will get you out of a difficult spot, especially if you are stuck at night, which is the most terrifying time of all.

Hand-held auto navigation systems are the cheapest of all the sat nav devices, so they would make superlative gifts for drivers that you care about. Women in particular would appreciate receiving one.

If you do want to get yourself or anyone else a hand-held auto navigation system, make sure that it has mapping facilities as some of them do not. Some of these units either speak or map, so be on the look out for that.

If you own a laptop or palm computer, you could get an even better deal on an auto navigation system, because you would only need to purchase a kit to convert the signals and software to run it. There are a number of packages like that on the market and the beauty of a laptop is that its screen is bigger.

At the other extreme, quite a few mobile phone companies also offer GPS auto navigation systems on their mobiles. Nokia, for instance, has a very broad range of maps for auto navigation systems.

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