Hair Loss after Chemotherapy is Upseting but can be Treated

A cancer patient will eventually lose hair because of chemotherapy. This is one of the side effects of this treatment and can aggravate the emotional trauma of a patient particularly women. It may help kill the cancer cells of a patient but it likewise damages the hair follicles of the patients, which leads for the hair to fall. Although hair will start to grow after the treatment, the patient will have to wait for 2 weeks before the new hair will sprout on the scalp. Three months is usually the waiting period before a patient can see her hair getting longer.

Chemotherapy, a cancer treatment, is one of the culprits of hair loss on both sexes. For women, it can be traumatic since hair is an essential element in their personality. While the medications in the treatment kill cancer cells, it also damages the patient’s hair follicles. Nevertheless, patients get to have their hair back after the treatment. Hair growth after chemotherapy may take time, which can be around 2 weeks to 3 months. Patients must endure the process and learn how to wait. Patients, though, will observe that the new hair is frequently thin and brittle; hence, hair must not be brushed extremely. They should also use a brush with soft bristles.

A good option for patients who lost their hair from chemotherapy is the use of hair building fibers. Made of keratin and organic proteins, hair building fibers are interspersed over the thinning areas of the scalp. They were created to make your hair look better and abundant but will not influence hair growth nor will it enhance the health of your hair. They were created for cosmetic purposes only but are safe to use and will not disrupt the growth of new hair on your scalp. You will have excellent real looking hair if you were able to purchase the excellent quality hair fibers. Hair fibers that are of good quality will last you longer and will not give you any irritation and they stay on your head.

Hence, it is essential to look for hair fibers that are of good quality. Hair fibers are made of different materials and methods. Toppik is an excellent quality product that consists of untainted organic keratin proteins, which is the component of human hair. The organic keratin protein of Toppik is made of wool that long term use is safe. It has been raved that Toppik has done miracles to its users and were given a 5-star rating in a survey of 36 respondents. Some of the respondents’ observations were:It is not messy unlike other hair building fibers It attaches to the hair even without using the adhesive spray.It makes hair to look thicker and with more volume It is available in different colors.It can be used with minoxidil, a medication known to encourage hair growth.A balding scalp or thinning hair has a big impact in a person’s self-esteem particularly with women.

Its objective is to create the look of having fuller and thicker locks. Therefore, do not expect that it can enhance the health of your hair or solve hair loss issues. Nevertheless, it is a good option, as it will not hamper the growth of your hair. If you choose an excellent hair fiber product, you will have a natural looking hair on top of your head for a long period without having an itchy scalp.

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