Guide To Handling A Self-Defense Weapon Effectively

Created by a Japanese master, a kubotan is a powerful self-defense weapon which uses hand-to-hand fight together with its usage. Many kubotan techniques can be utilized in achieving expertise with this weapon.

Prior to actually making use of the gadget, kubotan techniques must be mastered and trained properly. Those people who are familiar with other martial arts can utilize this self-defense tool easily. Those people who are unfamiliar with any school of training may also wield a kubotan appropriately with a few points to keep in mind.

A kubotan is normally used as a keychain in order that it can be taken around quite easily. A key holder is connected to the top end of the stick. The kubotan stick is about five and a half inches long and approximately as thick like a marker across.

A number of kubotan techniques are quite easy. A kubotan may be used to harden the fist for a stronger punch. Also referred to as a fist load, this step makes punches harder and even more painful if assaulting some areas of the attacker’s body.

Self-defense kubotans can also be used to pry off a certain solid hold on you of the opponent. You can work one between fingers or through the hand to be able to release or disengage an attacker from you.

The most broadly employed kubotan techniques are the ice pick grip and also the forward grip. The kubotan keychain is handled like an ice pick as well as utilized to jab bony, fleshy and nerve-laden parts of the body.

The forward hold characterizes a blow comparable to a stabbing approach employing blunt force. Pressure point blows are good areas to concentrate a blow on. If employed as a keychain, the kubotan can also be used like a flail to fend off an assailant.

The kubotan is an extremely functional tool and can be very effective in close-encounter strikes. You can select the way of counterattack. What is important is that you find a way to get away the perilous situation.

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