Guide To Electrolysis Hair Removal

Having unwanted hair grow on a persons body can be an embarrassing moment for both men and women alike. However electrolysis hair removal procedures can help both men and women achieve permanently smoother supple hairless skin without harsh side effects and allergic reactions.

People have extra follicles that grow in unwanted places for a lot of reasons. The causes of unwanted follicle growth can be caused by heredity as well as fluctuating hormones. Most of the time it is women who experience excessive unwanted strands on various parts of their faces and bikini areas. Some hair growth can also be caused by certain drugs and even illnesses. Although women experience it more often, men are prone to unexpected growth on various parts of their bodies as well.

Before getting this procedure done, individuals will want to learn as much as they can about the procedure and what tools are used in the process. Generally this procedure involves the use of a mild chemical or heated energy to kill the root of the strand through the follicle. The remaining strand is then removed with tweezers.

This process is usually performed by a licensed and trained electrologist. A trained professional will provide potential clients with proof of their ability administer this procedure. In most localities professionals are required to be licensed and certified to conduct this procedure.

The greatest benefit of this procedure is that it is permanent after the full course of treatment. However, one treatment of the process will not guarantee that the unwanted follicles will not grow back. Individuals may need to have several applications conducted before they experience results. However once the treatments are completed they more than likely will not need to return to have the same process done for previously treated areas. The frequency of the treatments will largely depend on the person. Some may need weekly treatments while others may have their treatments spread out over several weeks.

With any process performed on the body there will be some type of discomfort. However, with new technology patients may experience little to no discomfort. For those that are particularly sensitive to any type of treatment the professional may apply analgesic that numbs the skin prior to performing the procedure. While this process is considered one of the safest to perform there are some small side effects which may occur such as the skin becoming red or irritated during the process. Usually this last only for a few hours or days.

While other treatments are available this procedure has been considered the safest to perform as opposed to undergoing other processes that require the use of irritating chemicals or bleaches. Some report that this type of removal has been used longer than other process for last one hundred years.

Electrolysis hair removal can help more individuals attain the type of smooth supple skin they have always wanted. Unlike using chemical and bleach treatments individuals will have less worries about adverse reactions and damage to their skin if they are careful to research and consult with a knowledgeable professional.

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