Guerilla Marketing: A Revolution In Advertising

Guerilla marketing is among the most recent advertising strategies that marketers are using to reach out to their audience. It is patterned with the unconventional strategy of guerilla warfare. In sum, it is all about the use of unique strategies to reach and audience. These methods are quirky but more interactive and more relatable for the audience. One example for this is using custom stadium cups for dissemination of information.

Today’s market is highly saturated so competing companies need to find ways to stand out. For this reason, advertisers also start to become more creative. Some have resorted to the use of technology like internet marketing. But there are those who try to insert a twist into the conventional marketing strategies making it catchier to the audience and this is called guerilla marketing.

This revolution was sparked by the works of author J. Levinson. These books featured the most unconventional ways of getting peoples’ attention and conveying a message that would surely stick to them. Thye author said that the world needed something new and fresh.

Aside from being new, guerilla marketing is also known for its low cost. In fact, this method is perfectly designed for smaller entrepreneurs who want to dominate a market segment. But nowadays, even the largest companies make use of this strategy. What makes this strategy stand out is the principle behind it. Using out of the box media like graffiti, paper napkins, stadium cups, and so much more is anchored on the idea that this method should not rely so much on money but on time and effort.

The guerilla strategy is said to be more effective in influencing people. The medium used for the ad is something useful or highly influential to a person’s life. This prompts faster recall and retention of the information. The concept of guerilla marketing is to appeal into each person’s psyche. It’s highly influential because of the strategic media being used to convey the message.

Practically anything under the sun from personalized stadium cups to sidewalk graffiti can be used as a medium. The challenge is how you’re going to catch every person’s attention.

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