Guaranteed Ways On How You Can Successfully Adjust Your Sleep When Going To A Different Country

Many people have had the awful feeling of jet lag that normally accompanies flying through different time zones. This usually happens on long haul flights where there can be quite a time difference between your departure and your arrival. This sort of time discrepancy has a massive affect on your body clock.

When you get to feel like this it is as though you have just been given strong medication or you have had a heavy drinking session and it is commonly referred to as jet lag but according to some of the experts it is possible to ease the effects of jet lag when you are traveling like this.

You can start a few days before you are due to depart on your trip. It is as simple as changing the time you go to bed by 1 hour for every day and getting used to living in the new time zone. If you plan to travel east then you must go to bed 1 hour earlier and if you are traveling west then go to bed 1 hour later.

This clock altering will need to coincide with you getting up late or early by 1 hour too. In other words if you go to bd1 hour later in effect you will get up 1 hour later.

As soon as you board your flight you should then alter your watch to the new time zone that you will be experiencing once you arrive. You should then try to do everything as you would normally in that time as though you were at your destination. If you watch says it is meal time then try to have a meal.

Likewise if your watch is telling you that it is bedtime you should try to sleep as usual. During your flight it is better to keep well hydrated by having lots to drink as long as you discount coffee and alcohol in this drinking.

After you have arrived at your destination you must try to make it through until your watch tells you that it is your new bedtime according to the new time zone that you are now in. If you struggle try to stay up near to this time as you can.

Staying in the sun can help your body to acclimatize to your new time zone. If you feel the urge to have a nap then try to limit these to periods of about 1 hour.

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