Grill Tasty BBQs With Charcoal Briquets

Everyone loves to eat sizzling and hot grilled barbeques. Most families in the county enjoy grilling beside swimming pools, birthdays, outdoor gatherings, and even lawn parties. When you deal with the correct grilling procedures, there are many ways and secrets to do it. Some people will use charcoal briquets, smokers, and wood chips. This art will require enough experience, good fuel agent, and finesse.

For all starters, the first step is cleaning the grill. This is very important because you have to eliminate all excess ashes from top to bottom. Make use of brush, hot water, and steel wool to remove all dirt and attached gunk. You will give better air flow when doing the grill.

Next is place enough amount of briquettes. A good amount of briquettes will cover all whole bottom surface of the grill. If there is an overlapping briquettes that is fine. Put another amount of briquettes on top and make sure of enough air vents. Always remember that a good amount of briquettes usually vary because of several grill rack sizes.

Using charcoal briquettes is the most efficient fuel that you can use. There are several advantages of using it. These fuels can provide longer burning time, safe to our health, no poison, convenient, high heat quantity, constant heat temperature, and good for the environment. It is largely made from different kinds of hardwood such as oak, beech, hickory, pines, nut shells, birch, fruit pits, and hard maple.

Most of wood coals are composed of wood char, sawdust, mineral char, sodium nitrate, mineral carbon, borax, limestone, and starch. The mineral carbon, mineral char, and wood char are used to generate heat. While the limestone is for a uniform visual ashing. Starch is used as a binding agent, while the borax is for better press release. The sawdust and sodium nitrate are for ignition aid.

In order to maximize the efficiency, build a good pyramid of charcoals at the center of the grill. Drench good lighter fluid to facilitate the perfect flaming of coals.

Remember that when your building a fire, you always start at the pyramid’s base. Oftentimes, the lighting of coal would last for twenty minutes. It is best that you let the embers smolder. Once you see whites, spread the coals.

Make sure that you spread them evenly. Allow the grill to heat up for about ten minutes. Now, its time to throw the meat on the grill. The cooking time of the meat will greatly depend of the type of meat cut. With charcoal briquets, you will have the best grilled barbeques.

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