Grandkids Flock to Grandma’s House Due to Economy

Do your grandkids live with you? I just read this interesting article which talked about the emerging occurrence of having the grandparents take care of their grandkids. Statistics have risen sharply in light of the bad economy.(

I personally never had my grandkids live with me, but I babysat them all the time when they were younger. Two of my four children live about two blocks away. Those two had spouses who also worked, so I volunteered to take care of their kids. That worked because I was able to bond a lot with my grandkids. I was able to teach them many things. I was more patient and knowledgeable that I was with my own children due to time and experience. Up to now I am still close with my grandkids, and they visit me frequently on their own accord. I learned to e-mail and use Facebook because of them.

It is sad that, with the high divorce rate, more and more children are being raised in single-parent households. Of course, when you’re a single parent it is extremely difficult to raise your kids and work at the same time without extra help. This leads to more kids stay with their grandparents. I wish this generation would think first before jumping into marriage and having children.

I personally think choosing your spouse wisely is one way of avoiding divorce and the need to send your kids to live with grandma. A solid marriage will be able to work out a system of earning enough for the family while raising the kids well.

Avoiding premarital sex is another way of avoiding economic hardship. Raising children is not for the faint of heart especially if you are not prepared.

In many parts of the world, having the extended family in one house is the norm. But here in America, the nuclear family is much more prevalent. I guess it depends on the culture. I am used to living on my own. I love being independent while I still can. I think, there is nothing wrong with sending kids to their grandmother’s house as long as the arrangement is purely voluntary on the grandparent’s part.

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