Good And Bad Things About Weight Reduction Surgery

If you are dealing with obesity you are not alone. It is becoming a major problem in most parts of the world today. Losing some of that body fat can extend life expectancy and improve your quality of life. However, it is much easier said than done, as most people eventually fail with conventional methods. Weight reduction surgery can be an effective way to fight the battle of obesity but it comes with some pros and cons.

Pros of Weight Loss Surgery – If you elect to have a lap band or gastric bypass procedure you will most likely lose many pounds. You also have an excellent chance for keeping those pounds off for many years. These types of surgeries make it difficult for people to stuff themselves and overeat. In fact, that is the main benefit.

Lower Diabetes Risk – Lose about ten percent of your overall weight and you will lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by a lot. As more people become obese more are becoming diabetics and being overweight has a lot to do with it. As you weigh less your body becomes less insulin resistant (in many cases) and insulin resistance is the main cause for diabetes later in life.

Blood Pressure – As the pounds pile on, it becomes harder on the heart. If you lose fifty pounds or more of fat, the heart does not have to pump as much blood, so it works less. This often lowers blood pressure and it can be significant. High blood pressure is attributed to all kinds of cardiovascular concerns including heart attack and stroke.

Self Esteem – When you are smaller and slimmer you will probably look much better. In fact, you may actually start to love the person that you see in the mirror each morning. You can fit into smaller clothes and feel good about yourself and these are exciting times in life. It is a different world when you have confidence.

Cons – Surgical procedures always carry some risk with them. Bariatric surgeries are not minor procedures and some people develop complications that can be serious. This depends on your size and overall health. It is vital to know and understand all of the risks that you might have to face with this kind of procedure.

Not a Cure All – If you are thinking of weight reduction surgery as a “quick fix” or cure for obesity, you will be disappointed. One can still circumvent the procedure and gain back a lot of body fat. You will need to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy success.

When you have tried it all and you are at your wits end, you may opt for one of the bariatric surgeries that are available. Make sure and discuss the pros and cons with your doctor and be prepared to make some major changes in your life. Weight reduction surgery is an important tool to help you win the battle against obesity, but it must be used properly for long term results.

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