Glorify And Enlighten Your Soul – Follow The Teachings of Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe

Through the years, people have come to believe that embracing modernistic views and liberated ways of living is far more rewarding than adhering to time-honored traditions. Unfortunately, as these people move further away from the extant fundamental teachings and conventions of Judaism, they feel more and more hollow and lost. Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson began leading the Chabad movement in 1950, continuing as its great leader until he passed away in 1994. One important concept the Chabad Rebbe taught was the best way to honor God, other human beings, and oneself, is by honoring tradition. To reach out to a wider audience, Rebbe Schneerson of the Chabad released “Toward a Meaningful Life” in 1995 which taught about the importance of compassion, righteousness, and knowledge today.

Rebbe Schneerson’s words spoke beyond the Chabad movement. They are relevant to all people, regardless of religion, age, national origin, or other factors. Apart from ardently shepherding the Chabad, the Rebbe was known for his loving kindness and genuine concern for people, Hasid or not. His reassuring presence was enough to invigorate and inspire people. A clearer understanding of God and God’s will and an individual’s place in the world and in his own life, are much more than basic beliefs of one Chabad leader. They are facts that go beyond the Chabad movement, to benefit everyone who realizes the significance in their own lives.

An exceptional leader is defined by their outputs, in the Rebbe’s case his teachings and the praxes he reintroduced. The most impressive elocutionist, the most influential leaders, and the most charismatic individuals pale in comparison to Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe Scheerson. Knowledge, devotion to one’s beliefs, the ability to communicate in a manner that has true impact, are all signs of a leader. However, very few possess all of the characteristics at the same time. Chabad Rebbe Schneerson however was one of those rare finds, his pre-eminence was recognized not only within the Hasidic community. Fortunately, the Chabad Rebbe’s passing did not mark the end of his influence. His words continue to convey the power of each individual person to embrace a meaningful life by reflecting on the source of our lives and acknowledging God in all things.

It is impossible to summarize greatness in a few paragraphs. One sign of greatness is selfless compassion. Chabad Rebbe Schneerson had this in abundance. Even at a young age, Chabad Rebbe already dreamed of being an agent to make the world a better place. From within the Chabad movement, he reached out to people everywhere.

Incorruptibility is also a characteristic of an inspiring leader. God’s will is not only for those in the Chabad Lubavitcher movement. Nor is it irrelevant to the present. It is universal and never-ending. People who attempt to dismiss God’s will in favor of personal choice or modern pressures suffer needlessly. Chabad Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson was well aware of this and despite the inherent difficulty of shepherding the lost, he still extended his hand to them. Without a doubt, Chabad Rebbe was a great father not only to the Chabad movement, but to everyone else in the world.

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