Getting Love and Money By Using The Law Of Attraction

Do you feel even the least little bit weird about using the Law of Attraction to try to get more money or more love? Can you even do this or do you feel like there are unseen barriers in your way that are preventing you from getting that which you desire the most? If it can be done, what can you do to improve your chances of success so you can live the life that you dream of with the one that you love the most?

This is the type of thing that I often thought of when I began manifesting. Just like you, I also struggled in my life and always found myself wanting more. My vision was not unreasonable, I felt. Thoughts and dreams of a comfortable lifestyle spent in the surroundings that I found pleasant with a woman I could love who would love me back sincerely. But these dreams always eluded me and I often found myself living paycheck to paycheck and on the losing end of every romance I ever had. But maybe the Law of Attraction could bring me the wealth that I desired and the love of one good woman. Was this too much to ask for?

Even though we might know in our conscious thought that we should not actually want what we desire according to how the Law of Attraction works, it is often more difficult to reign in the subconscious mind. Even though we should relish our dreams and make them as vivid as possible while we live our lives as if we already possess that which we desire, many of us often try and fail. When we should be living in the dream of being close to the one we love we often let life’s circumstances blow that thought out of our head. When we should be feeling that satisfaction of knowing that the bills are paid and that there is money in the bank, we pace the room worrying about the money that we think we do not have. How can we remove this block that prevents us and sabotages us?

It is natural for many of us to balk at this point. It is natural for many of us with a conscience to feel that using the law of attraction to gain wealth and love to feel like we’re doing something wrong… that greed is wrong and that if someone really loved us we wouldn’t have to be using the law of attraction to get their attention or make them fall in love with us. But what is more natural that using the law of attraction. We are not using witchcraft or some dark force to bring us the things that we deserve as much as any other human being on this planet. If our intentions are pure and are motives are right then where is the harm in using the law of attraction to get that which we so rightfully deserve as much if not more than someone else who doesn’t have these thoughts? But what can we do when those doubts roll in and we feel as if we are doing something wrong by using the law of attraction?

I am human and filled with faults. While I might wish to tell you that I never stumble and fall when using the law of attraction… that I never doubt or waver in my thoughts of my successful future when using the law of attraction. The truth is that I do have down times and I am sure that you will too. So, what are we to do? We gather ourselves together and sit ourselves down and speak kindly to ourselves. Without chastisement or judgment, we pick ourselves back up. We tell ourselves to believe and to see the success that we have found thus far in using the law of attraction. We can check our motives and talk ourselves through the feelings that we might be having.

We can look back at the successes that we have had in our past in using the law of attraction to bring both large and small things into our life. This is where keeping a diary or sorts is helpful so we can look back and remember when miracles happened in our lives thanks to this ancient law. We can remember where a request to the universe was answered with exactly what we asked for or something even better. In short order, we will be back on track and feeling better about ourselves as the doubts are swept away like the morning mist as the new day dawns.

Even though everyone might believe that his deeds are right in his own eyes, it is often a good idea to do a little honesty check every once in a while. Check your motives and examine your heart from time to time to make sure that we haven’t allowed ourselves to get off track when it comes to why we want our life to be a certain way. Selfish desires can bring unexpected results when using the Law of Attraction and an open heart can inversely bring even bigger results than we had imagined.

If you do find that you are having feelings of greed or because you are being selfish when it comes to either love or money then it is time to examine ourselves. Are we wanting a relationship because we are lacking something in ourselves or because we are jealous of another person? Do we want some random amount of money because we are hoping to hoard it or wield it like a sword against our enemies? Is it fear that is driving us to want more love or money in our life or do we have a grand plan that includes benefiting the lives of others that we love selflessly? If any of these sound familiar or strike close to home then it might be necessary to get honest with yourself and realign our motives.

Is your desire to manifest love in your life fueled by loneliness or because you have much that you want to share with someone or a certain someone that you know? Have you lost at love and you jealously want that love back? How would you feel just to have that special someone in your life and to have a close, loving relationship with them based upon friendship? Can you love someone this way or do you want to possess them? The right motives can unleash tremendous power behind your thoughts and your dream if your heart is right when you use the Law of Attraction to manifest love.

In the end, when using the law of attraction, you need to be honest with yourself. It is a wonderful journey and finding out exactly what you want your life to be like so the universe can deliver it to you is the greatest gift of all. No matter if it is the lifestyle beyond your dreams or the love of that one special person, if your heart is right, your motives are pure and you believe without a shadow of a doubt that you truly deserve all that you desire, using the law of attraction can bring you true happiness with very little effort.

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