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Every girl in every country around the world deserves the same rights and opportunities as any other. This forms the key message of the Girl Up organization. Through their actions and informational campaigns, they aim to not only raise awareness of the plight of young people in developing countries, but to improve their situations as much as possible through direct fund raising initiatives.

Girl Up, which is part of the United Nations Foundation, seeks to connect American teens with other girls who live in areas of the world that are not as stable or well supplied as them. To get involved, one of the simplest things that can be done is to donate money. Five dollars or more, which they call a “high five, ” can make a difference when supplying needed things to these girls.

One major area to be improved is education. This is frequently something lacking in places where young people may feel pressure to drop out of school and help to support their families full time rather than continue on with their studies. However, the positive impacts of staying in school are so strong that it is crucial to raise the number of girls who do.

Aiding in bringing proper heath care to girls in these situations is crucial. Their access is already limited, but they are also at high risk for early pregnancies, which can be life-threatening if not tended to properly. Not only is their quality of life improved by having access to medical care, their lives may actually be saved.

It is a tragic fact that a girl in one of these developing parts of the world is at a very high risk for abuse from those surrounding her. This poses a huge danger to her both physically and mentally, and can leave impacts that will last the rest of her life, if she even survives the ordeal. One of Girl Up’s most important missions is to get girls out of these situations, and to educate them on how they can best attempt to avoid becoming victims.

Social media is one of the most effective ways for messages like this to be spread, and this organization is very active in doing so. They may be found through Facebook and Twitter, as well as through their website. Anyone who wishes to get involved can easily do so by going through one of these channels to find out how they can immediately begin making a difference.

For those interested, individual chapters can be set up by anyone who wants to take on the task. They offer kits through their website to get started, and support these clubs continuously. They may be affiliated with a school, or on their own, but all are welcomed.

Sometimes it can feel like the small things we do are not making a difference, but when they are all added up, they definitely do. Girl Up and those like them make sure that everyone who wants to contribute can do so, even in a small way. Together, the impact can be dramatic, and felt by many girls.

You can visit the website for more helpful information about Girl Up Helps Change Lives

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