Getting Help From A Westchester Eye Doctor

Vision is one of our most important senses. Most people rely on their eyes more than anything else. Everyone should realize that eyes need as much care and maintenance as every other part of the body. Making an appointment for a yearly check up with a Westchester eye doctor is a very good idea.

Most vision check ups only take an hour or less. Some simple tests are performed to ensure that the patient has no hidden problems. There are certain conditions that are very serious but do not have any outward symptoms. Having a routine test every year is a great step towards staying healthy. For many people their yearly exam can be the moment they find out that an underlying condition is affecting their health.

Finding a local doctors office should not be difficult. Many people start their search with the telephone book. The internet is also a great place to look for some good local medical professionals. It is always a good idea to check ahead of time that the office takes insurance and exactly how much is covered. Many plans only cover routine exams and leave the patient to pay for their glasses or contact lenses.

In the past few years contact lenses have become very popular. They are extremely comfortable to wear and can be ordered through the doctors office. Most users now opt for the disposable lenses that are only worn once then thrown away. This saves a lot of time and also helps to prevent eye infections caused by wearing dirty lenses.

Many people are confused by the different names for specialized branches of vision care. An optometrist is someone who is qualified to treat diseases of the eyes. They can also prescribe lenses and even write prescriptions for topical ointments. These professionals are licensed by the state and have to complete many years of advanced education and specialized programs.

An ophthalmologist is the most highly qualified of all eye doctors. They have completed around twelve to fourteen years of additional schooling and medical training. They are certified to perform surgery on the eyes. One of the most common procedures is cataract surgery in which the characteristic white film layer is carefully removed from the eyes to restore normal vision.

Many vision problems are just a matter of aging and can be corrected simply by the use of glasses. Even those who have worn glasses or contact lenses for years will notice that they vision does change over time. As soon as they detect any changes they should make an appointment to see their eye care professional. In some case visual disturbances can be the symptom of a more serious medical problem.

Children should also visit a Westchester eye doctor once in a while. Even kids who appear to have excellent vision should have a routine visit to make sure that everything is fine. If any signs of a problem are detected the child will be referred to an experienced pediatric doctor for further tests. It is very important to treat any issues quickly and ensure that the child does not experience any long term problems.

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