Get To All Those Hard-To-Reach Spots With The Rubbermaid 3-Step Steel Stool

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It’s very common for individuals to need to reach or want to do something that is just a few feet higher than they are. To contend with the dilemma, the economical Rubbermaid 3-Step Steel Stool can help you. This particular steel stool features a large platform, rendering it safe to stand on, and it can easily be stored because it folds up to only 3" thin. The hand grip makes it simple to climb on and transport plus it features non-marring feet so it will not scratch your floors.

If your ceiling is standard of most homes, this stool should be more than adequate to do things like cleaning the cabinets, changing light bulbs, or repainting walls. If you’d like to repaint your entire house or reach the roof, then you’d probably probably need a normal stepladder. It is a better tool to utilize instead of using a chair. How frequently have you stood on a wobbly chair to switch a lightbulb? A normal chair wasn’t designed for people to climb up on so it’s not safe. The Rubbermaid 3-Step Steel Stool is very easy to put in place and you can climb onto it as if you are walking up the stairs.

Unlike a standard stepladder, there’s no need to hold on to the sides to get up. Because of the small feet, it really isn’t ideal for using it on soft ground. The 3-Step Stool performs well for tasks inside, where you only need to climb two steps. While not advisable, you’ll be able to stand on the top step without too much trouble. It is great for cleaning cabinets and the top portion of windows. You could also utilize it to get to the top of curtains or drapes. This too works well if you want to put up wall paper because it is stable enough on hard surfaces for you to use the top step. You’ll find that there are many uses for the stool once you get it.

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It is simple to take with you, and it folds out, and back in, just as effortlessly. When folded away, it takes up little space so it could be stored anywhere. You will no longer have a reason why you won’t be able to clean the high areas of your home when you get this 3-Step Stool. You may have a six-foot step ladder that you try trucking around to do these types of small jobs, but it is a pain to maneuver around furniture without hitting something.

The Rubbermaid 3-Step Steel Stool is significantly safer than standing on a chair, when you need to climb up a couple of feet. If you do many small jobs in hard-to-reach areas quite often, you’ll find the $40 price for the stool a good investment.

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