Get To a better Shape For Golf

Now when most people think about golfing, physical exertion hardly springs to mind. But everyone knows that a round of 18 holes can actually take a heavy toll on the body and the mind. While I am no expert on golfing fitness, just taking a look at how most top executives train will show you the quantity of importance they lay on their physical conditioning.

Improving your fitness could doubtless help improve your control over the club, your concentration and consistency, your balance plus the power of your swing.

Nevertheless I am making a guess that lots of you aren't very enthusiastic about starting a full-on fitness program in the hope that it will help your golf game. But here’s just one or two simple strategies that any player, with no regard for their present physical condition, can get into better shape for their next round, with truly no effort in any way.


Sure you can go to the gymnasium and bulk yourself up to crush the life out of the ball, but that's not always mandatory. If you are looking to improve your strength specially for golf, it would be best to stick

with exercises relating to the movements of your swing. Such items as revolutionary exercises with weights in different positions will only take a minute or two of your time each day , but will improve your core strength as well as your pliability, balance and control.


It's one of the main areas folks need to work on. There are a range of different stretches that you can do which will help your movement when you swing, but one thing most players ignore is performing a proper warm up. A few light stretches and 2 swings with a heavy club (or 2 clubs) will help loosen up your joints and muscles for the round. Doing it often will help keep your golf muscles loose all of the time.


Again there are numerous tactics to boost your endurance, but if you are looking out for a quick golfing particular solution, you cannot go past walking. I mean it's what we do for lots of the time that we are out on the course, and if you can learn how to walk longer distances without getting exhausted then your swing is not going to suffer as much later on in the round.

So even if you do not desire to make a commitment to a significant training programme, you can still get into better shape for golfing, and maybe even improve your game simply by performing a few of those easy exercises every now and then.

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