Get Rock Hard Abs Fast – Exercises that Can Be Done at Home to Shed Layers of Fat

How does a woman get rock hard abs? What if she’s a stay-at-home Mom and has no time to go to the gym? Easy, she can exercise at home. What if she wants to flatten her abs fast? The answer to that and a discussion on stomach exercises that can be easily done at home are found below.

Fast working abs exercises for women

1. abdominal crunches – these are the most effective exercises for women who want to have the so-called “six-pack” fast. This exercise can be done at the floor of the bedroom or the living room and does not require any equipment. Just lie flat on the floor with raised knees and hands behind the head. Try to lift the shoulders and the upper body gently until it becomes easier and without straining the neck. This contracts and tightens the muscles of the abdomen and greatly helps in shedding layers of fat in that area.

2. side exercises – to achieve the same tight-muscled look at the sides, stand with legs apart and arms in front with hands touching opposite elbows. Twist the body to the side (without moving the feet) as far as it can go.

3. leg lifts – lie flat on the floor with legs straight. Lift legs about eight to 10 inches off the floor and hold the position for about five seconds. Repeat the workout at least 15 times.

4. lower abdomen exercise – lie flat on the floor and bring knees to the chest repeatedly, leaving the upper body on its fixed position.

5. cardio exercises – jogging, running, rope-skipping and walking are some of the most effective workouts for getting sexy abs fast. Rope skipping can be done at home. Jog in a stationary manner if there’s a need to stay indoors. Either way, a lot of sweat will pour and a lot of fat will be shed.

6) additional tips – increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down on high-calorie foods. Practice breathing exercises. When working out, pace breathing with the speed of the exercise. It is also advisable to work out on an empty stomach to maximize the benefits of the physical activity.

To get rock hard abs fast, an hour or two should be enough. Women who spend most of their time at home can have the same sexy figure as those slogging it out in the gym five times a week. All that is needed is a wide enough space to workout and an hour free of household chores.

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