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The Con-Dem coalition government was able to make a number of sweeping statements especially when we talk about the health service in the UK. However, the NHS is not immune to cuts.Due to this scenario, there have been a lot of concerns made by patients since they do a lot of understanding especially when it comes to their diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

By May 2011, Research in the King’s fund charity shows that the waiting times in UK will be higher to their longest levels in just a matter of three years. However at the same time the Health Secretary Adrew Lansley slashed out the thought of the waiting time targets. A 20 billion savings should be achieved by the NHS at around 2014 in order that the present system may continue running.

The cost of a health insurance is the main reason of its disadvantage since it has been rising all the time. The monthly premiums that a person pays to the insurance company can greatly depend on the lifestyle and age that he has. For instance a person with a younger like in the 20s only has to pay 10 a month and the persons over the 50s has to pay over 100 monthly. But then, with the varying amount of premium, both gets the same coverage.

Since there had been so many needs of the people, the health insurers displayed interest in developing something that would be an answer to all these needs. The WPA revealed that their top plans for the NHS will be the extra optical and dental care that would be vine, as well as the extra consultations and then some other advanced cancer drugs. There are also other providers which offer the same plans to people like the Simply health. It can be seen the they also offer the cash benefits for day surgery or overnight stays. Plus they also offer some alternative treatments. Say for example, acupuncture and physiotherapy where they also provide a registered practitioner.

This is a good way of covering bigger costs.

The NHS in the UK continues its goal in providing a more sophisticated treatment for its patients like the robotic surgery and keyhole procedures. A number of lives were saved by doing these procedures, plus the traumas were also reduced. But then, the procedure is complicated and at the same time expensive. it has even eat up a great portion of the NHS allocated budget.

This then would affect the money that will be left for other services. At present, health insurance providers in the UK are doing their part in making plans in order to help a lot of people by providing them a wide range of cover and a number of private health insurance plans. The basis for their health insurance to be offered to the people will be the need of the people and they should also be focused in giving the majority the best and fast treatment that they could offer.

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