Genital Wart Treatment: The Top Options For Genital Warts Treatment

Millions of people around the world suffer from genital warts. Those who are sexually active are the prime candidates for getting them. Many a time’s even condoms or contraceptives are not able to prevent the occurrence of this problem.

Fortunately though there is some very effective genital wart treatment and removal methods available, that can help you get rid of them. The body’s natural healing ability, along with some proven natural remedies is the right way to go if you are looking for genital wart removal. Here is a list of some of the top natural methods of removing it.

Apple cider vinegar is known to be an effective in fighting genital warts. Spreading apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball on the affected area is known to be a highly effective in genital wart removal. Topical application of tea tree oil is another proven natural treatment for removal of genital warts. Tea tree oil is known for its anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

Treating them at home- Most doctors shy away from recommending home treatments, since there has been no real evidence that such options are effective. However, most people are provided a specific regimen that they should use at home to ease their suffering and control the virus spread. Gentle baths can help to ease any itching and prevent bleeding, while condom use is recommended to ensure that sexual partners do not contract the disease. It should be noted that the infection cannot be removed through any current medical procedure. In some cases, the virus can linger for several years after the initial therapy and cause the warts to reappear. Most experts put the risk of recurrence at somewhere around fifty percent of all cases. The main focus of the patient should thus be on the warts that enhance the ability of the virus to spread from one person to another.

Use of topical interferon. This procedure is normally utilized if past cures fail in removing genital wart, this method is very costly. How is a genital wart cure measure selected? This must be conversed with your physician, who will choose cure based on the location, number, and mass of your wart. The expenses during cure must be taken into account if money is a factor for you. It’s significant to keep in mind that just because the wart is eliminated it doesn’t mean that you eliminated the virus from your system too. Unfortunately, there’s an adequate possibility at some point in your life, you’ll experience the return of the wart.

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