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  1. iso53145314 says:

    How many muscle groups do you do a day ?

  2. giugnhgbvinierngvb89 says:

    @tbwsamii u can do 20? and a mosquito can do 90000, retard.

  3. @tbwsamii its not a contest tuff guy. its instruction. get a life

  4. brenowade says:

    cool videos mate im a personal trainer and u no ur stuff cool videos keep up the hard work never mind that negitive shit i was just reading people leaveing they dont no wat hard work it is to get that shape hat off to u mate

  5. songbird4u says:

    Great upper body strength.

  6. PardonMySanity says:

    @tbwsamii vid or it didnt happen.

  7. PardonMySanity says:

    @holyman668 If he posts a vid of him doing 20 i’ll post a vid of me doing 50.

  8. holyman668 says:

    easy to say budy not to do!

  9. PardonMySanity says:

    @tbwsamii 8? thats a joke, if you’re small u should be able to do 30+ no problem

  10. @ tbwsamii

    why dont u shut the fuck up? i dont c u in any vidoes fag. so dont be runnin yo mouth if u wont show it queer.

  11. hahah your a twat go away i did like 8 press-ups haha i can do like 20 like that and i am small hahahaha go away with all your shit

  12. aight , aight man gd work out aight, thx aight

  13. hosamiraq says:

    good taste of music too

  14. BellyOfIsis says:

    listen( indian838 ) nothing wrong with taking supplements at all supplements are there to help you reach your goal give you good nutrition and most of all keep you healthy now i ant saying all supplements are the best some yes are bad eather there illigal or just garbage so if you want to talk crap about someone taking A SUPPLEMENT do your research kid

  15. indian838 says:

    wtf? that was uncalled for, and i do know what i’m talking about, i’m guessing you’re just one of his buddies or some shit, or you in love with this guy, but sorry if i bust your “bubble” fagot

  16. engelburger28 says:

    wow, all your videos are mad helpful

  17. yo indian motherfucker, how about learning what’s A SUPPLEMENT lol, before lighting up a fire and sending out warning signals to your fucking tribe

  18. aight i get it now aight
    aight the c yaa aight

  19. aldoivan16 says:

    you can be natural and still take supplements like whey protein. its just like having regular food but concentrated. whole foods. all else i take is green tea for thermogenesis and vegan performance pre workout shake. Still its all natural. so quit hating on him for taking a supplement.

  20. iHumpFatChicks says:

    aight thanks

  21. drinkbudyXD says:

    don’t think about how long,or how fast ur gaining,just keep doing ur shit

  22. how long do u need in the gym at least to get a straight body?

  23. robert1352 says:

    Do you have any videos where you talk about your diet??

  24. 06Alucard06 says:

    really?? i want one of those, lol

  25. HealthyAmerica1 says:

    great vid man!

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