Funny Sermon Illustrations Give A New Meaning To Preaching

Everyone who is sitting in a given church and listening to a sermon knows that it would be rude to get up and walk out in the middle of a preaching, and so they keep sitting till it ends. But it is common knowledge that their mind is wandering outside and probably is on the other side of the earth. And maybe that is why we see that the use of funny sermon illustrations is increasing.

When you are giving a sermon, you need to do two things. You need to drive your point home and ensure that people remember what you said when they get back home. And you also have to keep them attentively listening to you throughout the length of your message. If you simply keep talking about the Bible or about some complex philosophy, this might prove to be very difficult.

The thing is when people sit down to listen to you, they do so with a lot expectations. Whether they stop listening after a while or not they start out with a lot of hope. But as they encounter things that they do not understand, they start focusing on other things like what people are wearing, or what hat somebody has on or they make lists of things that they have to do. And all the time you spent preparing the sermon would not achieve any results.

So to avoid losses to both the sides, it is a good idea to start out with something light or to include something like this in the middle. It will grab the attention of the people in the audience and keep them hooked to what is being said. Once that happens you can be sure that your sermon was heard by the people.

Ministers normally take up topics from our daily life. They try to give solutions to problems that we face on a day to day basis. And they do not tell us what our actions should be, but instead they tell us what kind of attitude we must have. When this type of guidance is combined with a funny incident, we find it easier to understand and relate to it. And in that way we see our problems in a different light.

Maybe you had a fight with your best friend and you stomped off angrily without hearing what she had to say. If you go to your mother and tell her about this you know you will have to hear a long lecture about how your attitude is wrong and you fight all the time and other such things.

But instead if your mom told you something funny that she did when she had a fight with her best friend and then how she made up, you would realize your mistake far easily or see her point. In the same manner, and on the same lines, sermons also include something funny and interesting.

Try not target anyone and not to violate their privacy. The real purpose of having funny sermon illustrations would be served when people go home feeling light and with the confidence that they have a solution to their problems or at least they know where they went wrong.

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