Free Weight Loss Meal Plans – How to Plan Your Weight Loss Diet

Many people believe that in order to lose weight quickly, they need to go on a crash diet by simply limiting their food intake. While doing that may lead to weight loss, but embarking on a crash diet also comes with adverse effects like the feeling of constant hunger, weakness and lethargy because your body is starved of energy.

Instead, you should plan weight loss meals in a progressive manner using the following steps.

The first step in your plan is to cut down on sugar and processed food. Excessive sugar can found in most soft drinks, coffee and energy drinks like Gatorade. Drink more water instead.  Processed foods include frozen meals, salami, bologna and deli meats.

The second step is to spread your meals throughout the day. Take 5 to 6 small meals, not the usual 3 large ones. They should small enough to just fill your tummy. This way, you won’t feel hungry all the time. During these meal times, take lots of fruits and vegetables. They not only provide you with vitamins and minerals, but are also low in calories, meaning you can actually consume large quantities without worrying about taking in extra calories.

The third step in your weight loss meal plan is to eat foods that contain lean proteins like chicken, lean red meat and pork as well as essential fatty acids (Omega-3) like fish. But stay away from processed meat. Proteins help to maintain your muscle mass during your dieting program. Muscles burn more calories than fat and hence, help to increase your body’s metabolism, so it is very important for you not to lose your muscle mass.

Taking these simple but effectives steps in planning your weight loss diet will not only help you achieve your goal quickly, they also help you to stay healthy. All it takes is a little adjustment in your eating habits. One final point that you need to remember is to exercise regularly. This should also be done in a progressive manner and with approval from your doctor.

Dave Lu is a health and fitness enthusiast. He is constantly researching and writing articles as well as reviews on various weight loss and health care products available in the market. You can visit his review site at Best Weight Loss and Health Care Products Review for more information.

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