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Everyone, for many years, has been searching the Web for that free online advertising way to market their firm. Let’s face it if you could get your website in front of 10 or maybe 100 or maybe even 10,000 people free of charge, what kind of cash would you make?

The trouble is that it is hard to find free online marketing that is actually of use. There are tons of free classified ad sites, but your site may not be relevant, or people may not see your classified ad. You can post in forums but then you are a spammer and your post gets deleted. When you do find out ways to promote online for free you waste so much time doing it that it loses its value. For instance I might spend a whole day registering and posting in forums and classified ad sites only to find that most of the time I spent was useless because most of my posts were removed.

The problem hasn’t been solved because nobody is motivated to tell you how they are marketing online for free. If everybody shared their methods for free advertising the market would become saturated and the methods would no longer be effective. In addition nobody can really make money from free online advertising so there isn’t a service available. I can’t offer you a “no cost” marketing key, you are going to have to pay me for the service, but if you wanted to pay me for something you wouldn’t be looking for free internet advertising. It is possible to use tools to leverage the power of free online advertising where it becomes a important way of marketing. The trouble is you are going to need to put in some effort and some cash. Now, your cash investment is going to be very small, less than $1 per day. The fact is though, this $1 will save you countless hours of work. Would you rather spend $1 today, or would you rather use the next 8 hours doing work to draw 10 visitors to your site?

The difference now is that article marketing which is the undisputed best way to sell for free on the internet can now be nearly 100% automatic without spamming the web with a bunch of unreadable rubbish. You see article marketing is first-rate free online marketing in 2 ways. Number 1 it gets your message out to 1000’s of people in article directories, and it builds backlinks to your site which will move you up in the search engines like google and yahoo. The more links you build the faster your site gets ranked high in the search engines like google and yahoo, bringing you even more free visitors.

Now that you know it is doable to market online for free and use a tool to nearly automate the process you need to get your membership to Article Submission Express. This tool is extraordinary in that it will send a unique article to nearly 10,000 article directories as many times as you want it to for as many websites as you own for one price. These will all become backlinks to your site skyrocketing you up in the search engines like google and yahoo, as well as getting your content read by hundreds of unique visitors. For less than $1 per day, and very little work you can automate your online marketing campaign.

If you haven’t started automating Article Submission then you are missing a lot of traffic. It is the best way to automate Free Online Advertising

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