Four Key Ingredients To A Successful Muscle Building Routine

Asking for advice on how to build muscle can seem rather daunting. This is largely due to the severe jargon which surrounds unfamiliar new techniques like body weight workouts and high intensity interval training but it is also something which needn’t be so confusing.

Yet, the basic principles which were true 30 years ago during bodybuilding’s heyday are still true today. We haven’t actually improved greatly on the hypertrophy process.

This consists of:

1. Multi-joint exercises outperform isolation exercise every day.

Despite the array of new equipment in gyms these days, you still cannot defeat squats, deadlifts and military press for fast results.

This is because they recruit more fibers in the muscles, which will in turn cause a greater impetus on the body to grow bigger and stronger for future workouts.

2. Know your rep range.

Several key studies have revealed that the eight to twelve repetition range is optimal for building muscular size and strength.

You’ll be stronger on some exercises, naturally, but you can begin using your rep range as a guide to tell you if you are going too light or too heavy.

3. Change your program as you progress.

If there was one thing that held people back in the gym more than anything else, it’s consistency.

Consistently doing the same routine or lifting the same figures will lead you to a plateau. In order to build a better body you need to give your body a physical reason to grow. This can only be done by giving it weights which it finds hard to deal with. [I:]

4. Don’t forget to sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not build new size in the gym. The process of building actually takes place during sleep…

Neglecting to go to bed at a decent hour is one of the top reasons why most men find it hard to develop a bigger body. Eight to ten hours is the optimal time to aim for. Less than this and you are asking for problems.

Imagine trying to build on a plot where the foundations were not yet set. Your construction would be constantly falling down again, that’s exactly what you’re doing to your body by not allowing rest.

The importance of diet is just one of the five rules touched upon in the video guide on how to build muscle accompanying today’s article.

If your goal to learn how to build muscle has so far proved fruitless, these tips will help. It is a very common trait in the fitness industry to over complicate matters and go overboard with unnecessary scientific jargon, as you will easily see by looking for tips on high intensity interval training or drop-set techniques. But these proven principles are simple, yet time-tested.

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