Forging A Path Towards Global Spirituality

The world we live in is filled with conflict and discord. Many an issue finds its basis wrapped up in the differences between the myriad of religions, philosophies, ideologies, schools of thought and moral codes that people choose to live by. Learning to find common understanding between all the various perspectives and to coexist on a peaceful plane is the first step to global spirituality.

This should not be confused with forming a world religion, since that would require people to join and pledge fealty to a conformist set of beliefs. This is a movement through which each person finds it inside themselves to accept and understand others and to find a new level of conscious understanding. Reaching this point brings one to a state of deep spiritual being.

The core belief is in the power of the individual to understand the true meaning of living in peace and governing oneself in a right way. This is a way of revolutionizing conscious thinking so that everyone is clear and responsible for their behaviors and choices and connects with one another on a spiritual level. One by one, the movement grows and the goal of worldwide compassion and peace is closer.

It is clear, by the state of affairs in the world today, that those who lead politically and those who guide religiously, are not capable of finding a way to compromise enough to find their way to a peace that is sustainable. Creating a worldwide harmony will require that they look and feel far beyond the established and ingrained beliefs. As it is, all are so convinced that they have the only correct answer that they are too blind to see deeper.

The idea of global spirituality is much more simple than it seems at first. Each person just needs to see beyond the walls of organized teachings and reach towards the place deep inside that makes it possible to believe in something greater than themselves. Obtaining that personal enlightenment is the key to seeing a clearer reality.

Every person is capable of connecting with that force inside themselves that gives them clear understanding and the ability to open their hearts to higher wisdom and purer love that is so incredibly profound. This is the same place that permits an individual to believe in a system of behavioral guidelines, be they through a religion, code or mythic system. It just takes accessing that part of oneself without reservation to find the true meaning of peace.

The ability to love and forge deep connections with others in inherent in all humans. Connecting with the universe and all it has to offer opens one up to the endless potential inside their own mind and the chance to look beyond the walls erected by man to keep mankind separated. A true calm and clarity will be obtained and the path to enlightenment revealed.

The effort to achieve a state of global spirituality is one that grows stronger with each individual that joins the movement. There are no set rules and moral codes that govern punishment and reward. Everyone is open to acceptance and compassion and the ability to coexist with one another becomes a matter of second nature.

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