Ford and BMW Making It Easier To Stay Connected Behind The Wheel

Who doesn’t like to text? It’s easy, fun and many of us do it throughout the day. Teens in particular seem to spend hours every day texting their friends which is harmless. However, a lot of people can’t put the phone down and continue to text when behind the wheel. That’s when the accidents happen.

When you are texting you are diverting your eyes and attention away from the task of driving. A study conducted by AAA indicated that the 46 percent of teenagers admitted to being distracted at one point or another by texting.

Scientific studies, such as one performed by Car and Driver magazine suggested that reaction time and braking time can be severely impaired if the driver is texting. The reaction times of those texting were significantly worse than that of someone legally drunk.

As a result many states have banned drivers from sending or receiving messages when driving. The states include California, Delaware, Minnesota, New York and Tennessee. Federal workers are forbidden to text at all when driving on the job.

It’s a good idea to turn the ringer off while you are driving so you don’t even get tempted to check that text or pick up that call. Don’t even check for messages at a red light. If you want to text just pull over and stop the car if you can do so safely. Ford Transit Connect Palm Springs deals can be found at Fiesta Ford at low prices. We have a huge new inventory.

Luckily there is technology in place that can make driving a lot safer. Ford’s Sync system will now read incoming text messages through your speakers while your drive. The system utilizes a Bluetooth in order to work simultaneously with the user’s smart phone. Ford’s system will only read out text messages and not e-mail messages.

BMW also has a system that works with various smart phones and can deliver e-mail messages by voice. The system is also capable of reading the messages back to the driver like Ford’s system. The difference between the BMW and Ford system is that the BMW system will be able to read e-mails so it’s more geared towards the business user. Check out I-10 Toyota’s new cars such as the toyota tacoma palm springs at low prices. Stop by for a tour at our dealership.

Teens are the most affected because they are the ones who text the most and may have poor judgment at times. Talk to your teens about the dangers and try to set a good example.

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