For Weight Loss Success, Change Your Subconscious Self-Image

Within your subconscious mind, one picture that you must change, is the one of yourself. It’s important you get started by doing this.

To recreate the imagery you have subconsciously, you first need to change the body picture you have of yourself. Of course before you get started, you need first, to focus the mind and work on relaxing in order to do this. After you are relaxed and focused, it’s usually fairly easy to use your senses to come up with a new image of your body. When you are totally relaxed, visualize your body in the subconscious mind. Once you can see your body, come up with the shape you want for it.

Visualize every tiny detail of the new body that you want. This should seem so real that you are feeling like you are already at your goal weight. After you have this new picture in mind, put your body in an activity that you know you’ll love to do and that will help you to reach that goal weight. It can include a variety of activities like:

* swimming,

* aerobics,

* weight lifting,

* and even, cleaning the house!

Remember, this new body you have created can do anything that you enjoy.

Anger, fear, and guilt are emotions that can lead to overeating or consuming food when you are not even hungry. They can cause problems with low self esteem and even depression. It’s important that you get rid of these negative emotions when you are working on the new image of yourself. The powerful emotion you need is love, especially for yourself.

You need to continue to practice creating this new body image every single day. As you practice it daily, this new picture of yourself will permanently be put into your mind. Burris Mind/Fitness has power to change the bad emotions (that don’t do you any good), for emotions that will provide help to you.

No matter what the weather is, you need to change your diet: take control of eating, and increase your involvement in fitness activities as well. The most important thing to ask, is if you are happy with your mind running on its’ own, or do you need to take over of how it is thinking. If you are ready to take control, you’ll find that Burris Mind/Fitness is an excellent option.

Your body’s health depends on the health of the mind. To permanently change any behavior for good, you must take control of your subconscious mind. If you would like to get more information about weight loss, feel free to visit our website, you’ll find tons of weight loss tips you may try.

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