Flaxseed Oil interferes with other supplements?

I read somewhere that flaxseed oil interferes with the effectiveness of other supplements. For example, if you take flaxseed together with a therapeutic herbal supplement, that supplement will not work.

Is there any validity to this or any research that documents this?

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  1. this is my guessamation:

    the flaxseed oil works like a Cleaner-Upper therefore purging all in it's path. So I would probably take, (which I take them all @ once, but now you've brought it to my attention), the flaxseed oil let it do it's job then take the supplements afterward say 2-3 hours later and then the supplements probably will work better since the flax has done some clean up (blood vessels, colon)

  2. angelguide says:

    Flax seed oil has a laxative effect.I take ll my vitamins together.If it is a concern then wait 3-4 hrs and take flax seed suplements.

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