Five Top Reasons to Switch to E Cigarettes

Smokers may not exactly wish to stop the physical action of smoking, but are finding the cost and social hassles associated with their habit mounting increasingly. Many are looking for alternative ways to smoke. The dangers of traditional cigarettes to both smokers and those around them have created most public places to post restrictions. Many smokers are finding it difficult to even find a place to smoke outside of their own homes. Thousands of smokers have been able to kick the habit by switching to electronic cigarettes. These chemical free electronic devices allow smokers to continue the physical habit of smoking. However, they pose no threat to others, and are usually allowed in most public places. There are many reasons smokers are seriously considering the top reasons to switch to e cigarettes.

– e cigs do not produce “smoke”. They release a water-based vapor that evaporates within seconds of exhaling. The entire assembly is made up of three metal cylinders. Vapor is formed when the battery heats the atomizer, which then heats the nicotine and water solution in a cartridge. The battery is the longest piece of the system, and comes with a wall, car, or PC battery charger.

-There is a variety of nicotine strengths available that will allow smokers to match their favorite smoke taste perfectly. Individuals who smoke pipes and cigars will also be able to find their special blend. A smoker who wishes to completely cut out their nicotine intake will find nicotine free liquid and cartridges.

-Affordability is a major reason e cigs are gaining in popularity around the world. The cost of nicotine will vary, but the average 30ml bottle of e juice can be purchased for a very low price. Pre-filled cartridges are also much cheaper than regularly buying a new pack of traditional cigarettes. Replacement parts are also easily available and affordable. A smoker may choose to purchase a starter kit, and receive samples of nicotine flavor. These kits usually include everything needed to begin using the device.

-The odor of smoke in a home can linger indefinitely. Smoke will infiltrate curtains, furniture, walls, and clothing. People who are sensitive to this odor can become very uncomfortable. Smoke even causes severe allergies for some. E cig users will not have a problem with this since the vapor released is odorless.

-Switching to electronic cigarettes is a great way to avoid the restrictions on traditional cigarettes. They do not emit the dangerous second hand smoke involved that can affect the atmosphere, or others in the area. The devices are allowed in many places where cigarettes are banned such as airports, clubs, etc.

Smokers should remember that nicotine is highly addictive. E cigs are not offered as a cessation product. They are a chemical free alternative that have assisted thousands quit smoking.

Smokers who want to find alternative ways to smoke will be able to determine which product suits them. Researching the products on sites such as will allow smokers to learn about the liquid used in the devices, and how the elimination of carcinogens can help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

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