Fitness With Boxing

Kickboxing combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics which allow the body to obtain an overall workout.

This sport is completed without a partner but many times involves a punching bag. Kickboxing begins with an aerobic warm up such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, or punching. It then proceeds to the kickboxing portion which includes different kinds of punching such as hooks (coming from the side), jabs (straight punch), and uppercuts (coming from the bottom). It also includes many different kicks.

Kickboxing burns anywhere from 500-1000 calories an hour depending on the person completing the workout. At this rate, one could easily improve their fitness and lose weight. At 500 calories four times a week, a person could lose a lb of fat every two weeks. To learn exactly how much is burned during a kickboxing workout; one could put their weight into a website and obtain the calorie amount.

Kickboxing is such a good workout because it utilizes all parts of the body. A person will use their arms, legs, and midsection during any given kickboxing workout. It also encourages the kick boxer to be strong and obtain positive health. Kickboxing combined with a healthy eating plan will knock the fat right off of a person. Many success stories have come from kickboxing.

Kickboxing can be found anywhere from local to chain fitness clubs. Entire clubs are dedicated to teaching kickboxing. Because this sport has such a large calorie burn, it is the exercise of choice for many who only have one hour a day to workout. When kickboxing, the biggest thing that someone will notice is how their body begins to change. Inches melt off even if diet is not changed because of the body shaping tendency of the sport.

Many times kickboxing will also include push-ups and sit ups in order to increase the strength of the athlete. This is why kickboxing is also helpful in strength training. Many people who venture into a kickboxing workout not only finish aerobically sound, but stronger as well.

Kickboxing has also shown improvements in mental health for some. Because people leave the kickboxing gym feeling stronger, they are happier about themselves. Some have also been found to be more productive in their daily lives.

Kickboxing has proven itself as an overall healthy workout. This is why it caters to people who desire to get in shape for the first time. However, it also caters to the athlete as it increases endurance and strength. Kickboxing will many times leave the person healthier, happier, and ready to face their day.

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