Fitness Equipment Summary: The Horizon Fitness Paragon GT Folding Treadmill

A lot of folks who want to start a fitness regimen don’t know just how and where to start. No matter if your fitness target is mild or highly set, picking the appropriate fitness equipment is essential. Prior to choosing equipment, however, contemplate on what type fitness regimen and equipment would best fit your needs. Case in point, lots of folks favour a stationary bicycle or stairstepper workout; others believe the treadmill to be more efficient. The best thing to do is to buy a piece of equipment which will grow with you as you grow in fitness. Following is some data concerning a fitness machine which will: the Horizon Fitness GT folding model.

Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Horizon Fitness Paragon GT Folding Treadmill

For approximately £850.00, you will obtain a well-built and well-fashioned piece of fitness equipment that will certainly be a great companion in assisting you in getting and remaining fit. The Paragon GT has got a strong 1.75HP digital drive motor which peaks at 3.0HP; so it will tolerate even the harshest use. It has an all-inclusive console display, equipped with 4 blue backlit LCD windows—these have dot matrix profile. The console on the equipment give these critical parameters: distance, laps, calories, pulse, elevation, time, and speed. Conveniently-placed keys manage the slope as well as the speed.

Fitness Equipment: More Facts Concerning the Horizon Fitness Paragon GT

The speed range of the Paragon GT is from 0.8 to 16 kph, and the elevation adjusts from 0 to 12%. There’s an excellent range of programmes to keep you interested and motivated, including 15 multi-level, cross-country, weight loss, hill run, after burner, hill climb, rock climb, and race. Also included are 5 user-defined and 2 heart rate controlled programmes, so you’re not likely to get bored. Heart rate is measured by sensors in the handgrips, and by way of an inbuilt Polar™ chip-based receiver. A Polar™ chest strap transmitter is available as a separate purchase. The running/walking surface is a durable belt that’s 1.6mm thick, and that’s designed to resist curling, a common problem with belts on lesser treadmill models.

Fitness Equipment: A Few Specifications of the Horizon Fitness Paragon GT Treadmill

One oftentimes ignores the rollers on a treadmill, but on the Paragon GT, these aren’t ignored. The rollers 46mm dynamically balanced as well as 80% tapered so the machine runs smoothly. The machine’s deck is made with the most recent in resourceful elastomer cushioning. Actually, an elastomer is a substance similar to rubber which stretches if pulled on and returns to the original contour as soon as it is released; this makes it great for usage on treadmill decks. This Paragon GT can endure a maximum user weight of 136kg; its weight is 92kg. The treadmill when folded has dimensions of 85cm in length, 90cm in width, and 167cm in height. The machine’s open measurements are 85cm L x 90cm W x 167cm H. The service warranty is: Frame and motor—lifetime, parts—five years, labour—three years.

The Horizon Paragon GT folding treadmill is ideal for small, closed areas; but it is still a feature-rich piece of fitness equipment.

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