Fitness Activities for Kids That Every Parent Needs

If you want your kids to be active and have fun at the same time, you need some good fitness activities for kids. With the right activities, your kids will not just love exercise; they’ll want to play over and over again.

Many times exercise doesn’t work for kids because it becomes monotonous and boring. Kids don’t want to do push-ups and crunches all the time to be healthy. If you take that approach with your child, you will most likely fail.

The best way to get kids excited about exercise is with fun activities and games. Also, if they know their parents are going to participate, they will be more eager to play.

Below are four fitness activities for kids to get you started in the right direction. You are sure to find many more if you just look for them and use your creativity.

Actions (for kids two to four) You can really play this game anywhere as it doesn’t require any props. All you do is tell your child what actions they should do and they do it. Try to make it as fun as possible.

You can tell your child to clap their hands three times, bounce around the yard like a bunny, run in two big circles, etc. While they are exercising they will also be learning to follow instructions.

Balloon Bouncing – ages 5-7 Blow up a couple balloons and then tell your child that they must hit the balloons into the air without letting them touch the floor. You can help your child with this one and they will love it.

There are ways to make the game a little challenging if your child gets bored. Tell them they must keep both balloons in the air without your help. Or tell them to lie on the ground and keep them in the air that way.

Beanbag Throw (for kids seven to ten) Obtain a box and some beanbags for this activity (it’s easy to make your own beanbags with dry beans and kids’ socks). Your child should stand six feet from the box and toss the beanbags into the box.

It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be and if you get creative you can come up with other simple beanbag games.

Frisbee Golf – ages 10-12 If you have several parks in your area, at least one of them probably has some disc golf baskets precisely for this popular sport. Get some Frisbees and head to the park.

Otherwise, you can play in your backyard and use boxes, buckets or baskets as targets. This game builds a child’s muscles and hand-eye coordination.

These are just four ideas to get you started. It’s good to make time for your family and participate in some fun fitness activities for kids. There are many benefits for kids and exercise so make it a priority today.

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