Fish Contains Mercury, So Is Eating Fish Good For You?

It is becoming common knowledge that most of the fish in our oceans are contaminated to some degree with Mercury, PCBs and more. Given this, is fish good for you, or should you avoid eating fish altogether, and just taking fish oil supplements?

There are some important nutrients in fish, probably the most important is what I call the Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These are important fats which your body cannot produce itself, which must come from your diet, and which are essential to good health. The evidence is now showing that most of us are lacking in the Omega 3 fats.

But the nutrients in fish aren’t just limited to the Omega 3 fats. Fish is extremely nutritious for a number of other reasons.

Protein is essential for good health. A large part of our body is made up of protein, it exists in every cell in our body. Protein is essential for the repair of damaged muscles, makes up a large percentage of our nails and hair as well as our bones and skin.

Fish is very high in protein, around 15 to 20 percent protein in fact.

It is also well-known that red meat is high in protein. However red meat comes with saturated fat, which clogs your arteries whereas the fat in fish is unsaturated.

There are more nutrients in fish than just protein and the Omega 3 fats. Micronutrients include iodine, phosphorus and calcium and there are also good supplies of vitamins A and D.

And in a world obsessed with losing weight it’s good to know that fish has no carbohydrate. It’s easy to digest too. On top of that it’s yummy.

Reading all that you would think that fish was the perfect food. Apart from one tiny thing. According to various sources including our own government fish is contaminated with toxins like Mercury and PCBs. And we are warned, particularly if we are a pregnant woman, not to eat too much and to only eat certain types.

Yuk. Surely then we should all be avoiding fish. Given all this, is fish good for you or should it be avoided altogether?

There’s no doubt contamination is a concern, however if you’re prudent, choose the right fish and don’t eat lots there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of all of the good nutrients found in fish. Our government tells us that two fish meals a week is healthy, and there is no reason to think this isn’t true.

In fact research has shown over the last couple of decades that eating too little fish has exposed most of us to a wide range of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease. Not eating fish may be far more dangerous than eating it.

Don’t eat fish every night. Be careful with the type you eat, some fish is more contaminated than others. And cook it the right way. You can find out more about all of these on my website.

But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don’t stop eating fish, it’s good for you.

But do make sure that you take clean high quality Omega 3 capsules every single day. To find out more about these visit my site.

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