First Impressions 5 Things Women Notice and How to Get Them Right

You know how important it is to make a positive first impression on a new employer or client; however, did you know that the women are making their own mental checklist when you first step up and say hello? This might not be something the plan on doing but will do anyway.

That is reason enough for you to make that first impression that will be perfect.

Impress Woman With Mens Suits- Things Women Notice

Your Shoes

Women’s gazes often travel towards your shoes. From your shoes they can gauge if you actually have an interest in appearing nice and if you have a good fashion sense. This is why you can’t wear tattered old flimsy shoes. Then she may begin wondering what else you could care less about.

Your shoes are something you will need to invest in. Make sure your shoes go with the tweed jacket and ‘mens suit you own and a few high quality dress shoes

Greeting You Give

A first impression consists of only a few words and gestures, and once they are out there, they can’t be taken back. This greeting is the first, and possibly only, opportunity to let her know what kind of man she is speaking to.

Be friendly, but don’t forget to be confident! At any cost do not look her up and down. Take her hand firmly, smile and repeat her name.

Your Look

You will leave a very bad impression if you go in wearing a stained men’s tweed jacket or suit trousers that weren’t even pressed.

This is why you have to take a look in the mirror before leaving the house. Are you wearing a belt that matches and shoes that match? Is the shirt under that men’s tweed jacket looking like it has been sitting in the bottom of the dresser drawer instead of hanging up in the closet next to men’s suits? This is the way you can stop yourself from making a mistake.

What Watch

Not every woman expects you to wear a Rolex but when you wear a men’s suits or tweed jacket a good watch become important. In case you didn’t know, you need what they call a man’s watch for yourself.

Go ahead and upgrade if you don’t already have a watch like that. You don’t want to run a marathon right? So get rid of the rubber and plastic! You need a watch with a metal bracelet or a classic leather band. You need a grown up watch even if it’s simple.

With a few simple touches you will be able to create a good first impression on women. This article should be the perfect guide.

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