Finding Solutions On The Many Sensa Complaints

Sensa weight loss system has been acquiring the attention of the media lately Many have used the product and grumbles have started pouring in significant numbers. Most of the complaints are concerning their free trial as well as refund policy. Sensa complaints include things like charging credit cards without authorization. The complaints are of serious nature that people are seeking for immediate involvement of the concerned authorities.

The company exploited many unsuspicious buyers as they asked for the free sample. They were billed for resultant deliveries which they did not authorize. Some found no other alternative than to close the account to escape from the greedy business practices. People really feel frustrated and irritated when they see the credit card statement and find the amount deducted without their knowledge. The company even declines to refund the amount for returned product even after repeated efforts.

The new buyers often do not remember to spread the tastants on food before they begin eating and that turned out to be one among the serious sensa complaints. Often it will be after half way through the dish that they remember to sprinkle the powder. There are people who write ‘S’ on their hand in order to call attention themselves. Apart from that many find it embarrassing to use the tastants, particularly when they are out in parties.

A fewer number of clients have complained about headaches after using the product. But the fact is that the ingredients of the products are safe to use and have been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration. Still singled out cases have been reported about the product inducting headaches.

Customer service is one more area about which numerous complaints were made. Many clients learn about the free trial offer after they pay the entire amount. The customer service declines to reimburse in such cases. While some take it in their stride, others complain. There have been instances when clients accept free trial offer for one month and then find the next month’s supply despatched to them without their knowledge. When they try to return the product, the company asks them to give the shipping/handling costs. Thus sensa complaints are numerous and it is high time that something has to be done to relieve the grievances.

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