Finding Reliable Arthritis Pain Relief

Worn-out joint cartilages cause extreme pain because of the resulting friction between bones. This has lowered the quality of life for many patients. Finding the ideal arthritis pain relief has been elusive and led many to unreliable options proposed by quacks. Natural options offer the best alternative because of their long lasting effect. They keep victims away from such proposals as shark cartilages, snake venom and copper fittings.

Some natural remedies include taking control of body weight. Overweight condition causes the knees to be under pressure from a heavy and unmanageable body. Each extra pound has a devastating effect on the cartilage. Shedding ten or more pounds will greatly reduce the discomfort and delay the symptoms. This is also a strategy for healthy living and gives a person more control over the body.

Physical exercises are a natural way of dealing with pain on joints. Some of the activities proposed are walking, swimming and workout in the gym. Some patients are advised to use even surfaces like dirt paths and tracks when exercising. A combination of aerobics and strength exercises is preferred. They include isotonic and isometric exercises as well as biking.

A good number of patients have found natural reprieve in acupuncture. It also prevents disability that might result when the situation is aggravated. This procedure is recommended especially for persons with osteoarthritis. It is worth noting that the procedure does not work to a similar degree on all patients. Other patients have found refuge in glucosamine. This however does not apply in all cases. It should be taken in the right dosage and on prescription by experts.

Supplements such as chondroitin have been associated with slowed arthritis progress. This is one of the solutions that are still under investigations. Supplements containing fish oils have given positive feedback. The oils have anti inflammation properties that are beneficial to the body. Rose hips and ginger have also been linked with a certain degree of success. More studies and trials by independent bodies are required to ascertain the assertions by marketers.

Topical rubs and creams have been developed to offer a solution to arthritis. The products are available over the counter or by prescription. They are mainly available in diclofenac gel. Uniform results have not been achieved from the use of this product. The effectiveness depends on the condition of the individual and the advancement of the disease. Other firms are using capsaicin which utilizes the heat in pepper to sooth the inflammation. More trials are being conducted on the supplements.

Electric stimulation has been used by physiotherapists to ease swelling and pain for some time now. One of the methods used is transcutaneous electrostimulation which uses the skin to deliver electromagnetic pulses. Acupuncture needles are also used to deliver an electric charge through the affected area. The main aim is to relief stiffness and provide short term reprieve.

There are other natural arthritis pain relief mechanisms including physical therapy, chiropractics and assertive devices. The devices include splints, specialized shoes and canes that distribute weight away from body joints. Having more information about this condition ensures that you take necessary precautionary measures to reduce inflammation and swelling. The aim is to remain as healthy as possible with minimum medical help.

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