Finding Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical supportive services for a home can be obtained through different ways. But regardless of what level of service you are looking for, odds are you will find yourself facing one choice: Should you find and hire an independent contractor or someone who works for an agency? Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Non-agency Service

Independent contractors can be hired by a family member or by the person who needs help. This might seem cheaper, but it’s also possible that there are some hidden costs and risks.

The person who hires the independent contractor is the employer, so he will pay the payroll taxes.

The employer will also be the one who takes care of the medical bills if the independent contractor meets and injury or accident during the job.

If ever the independent contractor cannot work due to illness or vacation, he doesn’t have to find a replacement.

There are many cases of independent contractors who thieved and abused the people under their care, so be sure to do a background check before hiring anyone.

Agency Service

There are companies who hire people for tasks like helping prepare meals, light housework, bathing, and companionship. People who hire from agencies also won’t have to worry about taxes, insurance, bonding, and workers’ compensation. When your current employee gets sick or goes on a vacation, the agency will find a replacement for him.

Agencies will train the workers well, and will also supervise them all the time. This enables the company to know what consumers need. Background checks are also done by the agency.

In addition, the agency is often licensed to provide a higher level of home care (skilled nursing, for example) for individuals. This ensures that a person won’t have to work for more than one company should his needs change. Working with one company can make it easier to access formal payer sources such as Medicare.

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