Finding A Voice Over Coach NYC

There are various forms of acting. While some people may consider that it is all pretending to do a role there are various approaches and forms. Voice acting is one of them and if you want to develop your skills to a professional level it helps to find a professional voice over coach NYC.

It is worth noting that there are also various types of vocal performances you can do. You could do narration for a documentary or audio versions of books. There is also radio plays, jingles or voicing characters for an animation or a CGI character in a live action production.

A good coach can look at you and decide what you are best suited to working on. Most agencies will have a listing where it shows the kind of work people can do in terms of their vocal range. This can mean both higher or lower tones as well as accents or impersonations.

There is a difference between something you are physically capable of doing and something that you can be confident enough to put on a listing. While it is not unknown for people to exaggerate the range of tones that they can do the danger is that when a client hires you and they find you do not give them what they want you can find it harder to get work later on!

It also helps to spend time in a recording booth. If you have developed your voice but have not used the equipment it can make the process quite difficult when you begin as you have to adapt to using it. Ideally a coach will have up to date equipment to make the transition between training and professional recording as smooth as possible.

Familiarising yourself with the equipment also helps to make it less intimidating. If you are used to using equipment before your first professional performance then you are more likely to perform well. Furthermore this then means you are likely to get more work on the back of a good performance so this is worth investing time in.

You also need to be aware of how experienced the coach is. Ideally they will be able to demonstrate that they have done vocal work for a number of years. This is not just in terms of being able to do a load of impressions or show off their range of accents but in how long they have been working in the industry and their contacts. Hopefully this also means that they can use their contacts to help you get more work.

It is worth comparing carefully when choosing a voice over coach NYC. Look online both at their website and any feedback from previous clients. This will allow you to find the best one for your personal goals and give you the best chances of getting voice over work in the long term.

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