Find Your Fitness Goals On The Second Floor

Walk down any avenue in New York City and you will see the usual groupings of restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons, convenience stores, Starbucks, laundromats, and barber shops. What is interesting is the burgeoning growth of second floor businesses. It isn’t the usual group of businesses you find that require so much walk-in traffic, but other types of services. One the more prominent businesses setting up shop on the upper floor are fitness providers. Look up once in a while and you will start to notice the personal training gyms, yoga studios, and pilates studios. For businesses like these, this is a better choice.

Fitness is not a service that appeals to everyone. Yoga studios or pilates studios have a more targeted audience. The audience is looking for ways to improve their lifestyle and health for the long term. Most of the first floor businesses, like a dry cleaner or convenience store, satisfy immediate or daily needs. People looking for their services will not walk the streets to scout out what is in the neighborhood, but rather they look for yoga and pilates instruction by doing a local internet search.

Because nine out of ten people start their search for a personal trainer or fitness instructor on the internet, these small business owners are less reliant on walk in traffic and more reliant on being found on the internet. Of course, walk in traffic is a huge benefit, but it isn’t what really drives people to your fitness studio. For head fitness professionals it is more important to have your business search engine optimized to be found for more keyword searches. The savings on rent is better spent search engine optimization.

Financially, the second floor is a better option. Bottom line, the rent is cheaper. That is a huge expense for a personal trainer or a yoga NYC instructor. You have to train a lot more sessions to cover the first floor rent. Also, a personal training studio does not need heavy equipment like you would find in a restaurant kitchen. You will have exposure on the ground floor from your entrance, but not your full store front. The second floor space is usually smaller than the first floor. So, on top of the lower cost per square foot, you won’t pay for extra space you don’t need. Should you have the problem of needing more space because of lots of personal training clients, you are in a good situation.

Walking down the street, look above the first floor for those smaller fitness options that may hold the key to your health and wellness goals. You will see a whole new cottage industry of fitness entrepreneurs opening up their dream studios. Remember, before starting any fitness or wellness program, see your doctor for a full physical. An annual physical is always a good idea, but it becomes even more important and valuable when you start a new fitness program.

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