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LASIK gives new found freedom to those who have to wear eyeglasses because they need to correct impaired vision A lot of activities are off-limits to those who do not have good eyesight. Sports like soccer, boxing and football are not very encouraging to those who wear glasses or contact lenses. There is a way to permanently solve this problem using LASIK Hartford.

People who suffer from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatic eyesight can be treated using this method. The conditions mentioned are related to defects of the cornea or the lens of the eye. There is something wrong with how the cornea is curved and its ability to focus light correctly. As in all lenses, the cornea needs to be curved in order to refract and focus light properly.

A properly shaped lens of eye focuses light right on the retina. Corneas that are curved too strongly or weakly put the focus point at the back or in front of the retinal plane. The result is blurry vision instead of sharp image.

Myopic or hyperopic persons have corneas that are not shaped properly. An astigmatic person has defects in the surface of the retina. The treatment of mild or moderate cases of myopia has been proven to be effective with the operation.

A patient who receives the treatment will have his eyes operated on using a focused light beam. If the complaint is myopia or hyperopia then tiny bits of the cornea are removed until the proper curvature is attained. Astigmatic people may have properly shaped lenses but have irregularities on the surface. The laser is able to remove these rough spots allowing proper focusing.

LASIK Hartford is a quick procedure rarely lasting over 30 minutes. After the procedure the patient needs to rest his eyes. He is encouraged to get lots of sleep. Most patients recover quickly after surgery and can lead freer lives without the burden of eyeglasses. Read more about: lasik hartford

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