Find out how to make your own 3D Nails

It was recently reported that 3D nails are one of the most well liked treatments for girls at the average shopping center, confirming that it is not only a passing trend but an indispensable part of looking good in each scenario.

Nail art is the best way to express creativity – and in the case of the average girl shopping at a mall, even loyalty to their favorite brands as they paint their fave brands on their nails.

There are infinite designs, patterns, colours of nail polish and paths to wear nail art so there's something for everybody.

For useful guidance about this season’s look or if you're a noob searching for advice on do it yourself 3D nail art and the way to apply nails, there is no better site than

Nails Guide provides info and articles on all facets of nail care for the feet and hands.

Actually the pedicure is more popular in the States, with pedicures now outselling manicures as folk realize that a little TLC can go a good distance to helping feet feel and look soft, healthy and cared for.

For fashionistas who spend plenty of time and money on getting that flawless look, the hands, feet and nails should not be left out, but included in the daily beauty routine and reinforced with stunning nail art.

Nail art and false nails are a great way to get perfect, attractive nails right away – even for those that bite their nails or have difficulty growing long ones.

There are several types to select from including acrylic nails, solar nails, gel nails and 3D nails. Simply choose the ones that you find most comfy and practical, reinforce them with surprising nail art and enjoy beautiful hands each day.

With a little bit of practice and using the advice from Nails Guide, you'll soon discover that applying false nails and decorating them with nail art is simple and fun, a good way to accessorize any outfit and gracefully express your personality and creativity. is the number one resource on the web for learning 3D Nails techniquies, buying 3d Nails supplies and viewing 3D Nails designs. 3D Nails, Japanese Nails and LCN Nails are our specialty!

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