Find A Variety Of Options For An IVF Due Date Calculator

One of the best things to happen in a marriage is the birth of a child. However, not every couple has the ability to conceive naturally. Infertile couples usually go through in-vitro fertilization in order to have a child naturally. That is why finding an IVF due date calculator is some important. These couple want to know when to expect their bundle of joy.

Since human have been on the planet, there have been individuals that could not conceive. Not that long ago, couples who were infertile would either have to adopt a child or prepare for a life without children. However, with the advances in modern science and technology couples are no longer stuck with only two options. With in-vitro fertilization, many couples can plan to look forward to the day of birth.

Doctors, nurses and mid-wives have predicted birthdays from the earliest of times. While most of those predictions have fallen to the side, some methods of prediction are still used. However, couples being treated for infertility often get conflicting messages due to the variety of different times that can be used for calculations.

To assist couples in their struggle for some definite, there are many helpful web sites that can assist couples with finding the birth day of their baby. One of the most accurate predictions is based on the three day in-vitro day. In the lab, the egg and sperm are united. On the third day, the fertilized egg is placed into the uterus. This day is the implantation day used for calculations. Often, this is an extremely accurate time frame.

The second method for calculating the birth day is by using the five day in-vitro transfer. Like its three day counterpart, the difference is that eggs implanted on day five are more likely to survive to a viable pregnancy. Thus, this method uses the fifth day as the implantation and fertilization day.

A method that most doctors use for women who are pregnant without in-vitro, is to find out the first day of the last menstrual cycle. The estimation is then based on the approximate time it normally takes a fertilized egg to implant in the uterus. This is the most unreliable option, considering there is no way to accurately determine the exact implantation day.

The last method is also less accurate yet frequently used. In this instance the calculations are based on the day the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries. This would be similar to ovulation for a natural pregnancy. Again, this information is fairly inaccurate. This method and the previous one are good at giving a general time frame for birth. This is the most common way for pregnancy delivery dates to be determined.

While each of the options above have their benefits and drawbacks, use of an IVF due date calculator can make a couple feel as if they are more in control. However, it is necessary to note that no one can predict exactly when a woman’s body is going to decide it is time to start labor. If, however, the goal is to get a general time frame for the purposes of planning, then these options should are a great way to get started.

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